shortcircuited 11:15 11 May 2005

I am receiving a message on starting up my computer that 2 infections have been detected. It is strongly recommended that you scan the system. (EZ Antivirus Real-time Protection. I press the scan button and no viruses show up.

There are two files where the file infection is listed on my hard disk.

How do I get rid of this message and ensure my comp is ok?

Thank you

  AndySD 11:47 11 May 2005

please post thefiles.... eg c:\Windows....

  shortcircuited 12:05 11 May 2005

Virus Name: Win32.SillyDl.LH


actually, in the list in the white box it says as above and then trojan

the next line is exactly the same as the first it says trojan as well and then it says Deleted.

but it does say two infections found...............? Does it mean it has been deleted? and if so why do I still keep getting this message

  AndySD 14:01 11 May 2005

First go My Computer and in the Tools menu choose Folder Options choose View and tick Show Hidden Files.

Then navigate to

C:\Documents and Settings\Everybody\Local Settings\Temp

Select and delete all the files there and reboot.
Still getting the messabe?

  shortcircuited 15:04 11 May 2005

Virus Name: Win32.Dyfuca.A

I have deleted most of the temp file mentioned by you, some files could not be deleted.

should i delete c:\temp as well?

Thank you

  AndySD 15:08 11 May 2005

No do not delete the temp folder.

The files in use are probably the virus checker.

Try running the 30 day trial of click here TDS-3 its slow but sure.

  bosmere 18:47 11 May 2005

shortcircuited Avast AV got rid of Win32 virii for me. Free from click here

  shortcircuited 18:48 12 May 2005

Still getting SillyDl.LH Trojan deleted messages

  bosmere 19:25 12 May 2005

shortcircuited from click here

"Note: Many SillyDl variants are installed on an affected machine by another component. In this scenario, a component downloads SillyDl, which then in turn downloads other files and installs them on an affected machine. In the vast majority of cases, these files are adware.

While CA Antivirus solutions detect and remove many variants of SillyDl, an issue may occur where the file that is installing the SillyDl variant is not detected. In these cases, CA Antivirus will detect and remove the SillyDl variant, however, detections will continue to be reported, as SillyDl is continuously being installed by the other component that we do not detect as yet".

Looks like that's what you're suffering from. CA suggests sending the problem to them.

  shortcircuited 13:05 19 May 2005

will keep on trying

  shortcircuited 14:59 23 May 2005

Ok here goes.

Upon advice from my bro............went to task manager, clicked on processes and in the list saw SAHAGE.EXE. - This name had come up in virus scan as possible problem but could not be deleted.
I right clicked on it and did 'end process'. I then did a search for it and deleted the file. Once the process was off, it could be deleted.

End of problem.

Thank you all for all your advice, it helped point me in the right direction.

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