Win32:Nilage-GC [Trj]

  jolorna 20:25 15 May 2007

avast antivirus picked this up whilst doing a scan with a2
Malware name Win32:Nilage-GC [Trj]

File name C:\DOCUME~1\peter\LOCALS~1\Temp\a2archive\vnc-4_1_1-x86

Malware type Trojan horse

Vps version 000740-1, 15/05/2007
i have tried quarantine & aslo delete but keeps coming back up tried a google search & also tried using search for it but no succsess

  p;3 21:07 15 May 2007

click here try this little gem; fully update it and run on a full deep scan::))see what it trawls up for you!!

  jolorna 21:14 15 May 2007

cheers will give it a go

  jolorna 22:04 15 May 2007

im off to bed now its still scanning will get back again tomorrow

  p;3 23:39 15 May 2007

click here

happy scanning::))

you could also try this on line scan ; it may take awhile too
make sure you chose your country of origin though
there are other options if those two fail to sort it

  jolorna 07:13 16 May 2007

superantispyware found nothing, will try a scan with housecall later this morning after my cuppa

  jolorna 11:27 16 May 2007

have tried housecall found a couple of minor problems, also brought this one up again so im wondering as its in a2 archive to remove a2 & reinstall it & give that a whirl

  jolorna 14:40 16 May 2007

deleted a2 and reinstalled it, also there was a avast definition update as well before i did a full scan and it has gone now, so it might have just been a false posotive or it was just something in a2 archive will tick resolved now,thanks for you help and next time im in hospital i will be nice to the nurses just incase your working at my one

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