Win32:Dialer.gen (Trj)

  Ankermi31 09:08 17 May 2009

Toshiba laptop with XP. Avast AV

Daughter working in Indonesia in remote area on a dial up connection which is hit and miss SOS received

Running AVAST has thrown up 3 Malware

c:\Documents and Settings\elthon\e4u6y95a7.exe
Malware name: Win35:Dailer.gen (Trj)
Malware type: Dialer
VPS version: 090514-0, 05/14/2009

c:\Documents and settings\elthon\local settings\temporary INtern
Malware name: Win32: Dailer.gen (Trj)
Malware type: Dialer
VPS version: 090516-0, 05/16/2009

c:\Documents and settings\elthon\f8nlh3y5.exe
Malware type: Win32: Dialer.gen (trj)
Malware type: Dialer
VPS version: 090516-0, 05/16/2009

She puts them in "the chest" but does not know how to delete them. They keep popping up.

I have suggested she tries click here abd/or click here
and to update before running them.

To check restore points to see if any have been created after problem started her response is she does not know how.

At 01.36 this morning she says the computer is freezing and she has to boot down and then switch back on.

Your help appreciated please, simple language due to distance. Almost certainly will have to relay by SMS as internet connection out there could be down

Thanks Ankermi

  johndrew 10:17 17 May 2009

Both a-squared and SuperAntispyware are good. There is also Spyware Blaster click here, Spyware Terminator click here and Spybot S&D click here.

However I found this specific post with a resolution at the second entry (Malware Removal Specialist) which may be more effective click here

Hope it resolves the problem.

  User-1229748 11:14 17 May 2009

this is a highly thought of anti spyware.i would download,update and then run it in safe here

  Ankermi31 11:15 17 May 2009

Good day John!
Nice to "talk" again.

Have sent through your reply via the internet and have SMS at the same time. Hopefully something will get through sometime.

Meanwhile I take it it is no point disabling system restore then rebotting the computer and re-enabling system restore? Best to let her try your links first?


  Ankermi31 11:19 17 May 2009

Hi smackheadz
Thanks your suggestion.

Safe Mode could be a problem with her as she is no computer girl! I can probabably get her to use it but whats the easiest way to get out of safe mode? I always get in a tangle with it myself.

  User-1229748 11:22 17 May 2009

also the kaspersky online scanner is very good.if it finds anything though it will not remove it but you can install a 30 day trial of kaspersky anti virus that will do the job.this scan can take a long time but it is a very usefull scannerclick here

  User-1229748 11:24 17 May 2009

sorry i type really slowlyclick here

  User-1229748 11:26 17 May 2009

to get out of safe mode you usually just have to reboot

  radi8or 12:30 17 May 2009


You should disable system restore before cleaning an infection just in case it has been replicated in a restore point.

Regards Bob

  Ankermi31 13:03 17 May 2009

Hi smackheadz and radi8or
Thanks for the safe mode I myself understand it I think but when I have used it in the past I have closed down my system and then rebotted it only to come back into the safe mode window. I am hesitant to tell daughter to use safe mode incase it does the same. If it did how does she get out of it I am sure there must be a way?

radi8or - Thank you! I though system restore needed disabling that I feel confident about telling her what to do - at the moment she cannot find it - you see I told you she was no computer girl despite having to use IT for her work.

Not heard anything today probably the electricity supply is down for a couple of days again - regular occurance.

All your helpfulness is greatly appreciated

  brundle 14:52 17 May 2009

Bearing in mind that a dial-up connection is in use, run a boot scan with Avast rather than downloading applications. click here

Then start downloading more tools if the boot scan doesn't clear things.

It's not recommended that System Restore be turned off before an infection is cleared. Having an infected restore point is better than no restore point at all, should things go wrong.

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