Win32 AND Low memory

  sicknote 11:25 14 Mar 2004

Hi All Will more memory cure this problem or should i be looking at another issue with the PC.Is there any software that i can use to see where it is being used.The PC is running large Programs like adobe photoshop,winfax pro,etc for making web sites.

PC Data. AthlonXp1.3,Asus a7v33,512pc2700,80gb(x2)Win98se,DVd,CDrw,

Tks all

  Clint2 12:00 14 Mar 2004

Have you tried Cacheman click here

  exodus 12:25 14 Mar 2004

Are you getting a warning about low resources? If so, then you must reduce the number of programmes running. Further info click here
Check your System Resources the next time you reboot to see what is available. My Computer/Properties/ Performance tab. You need to be aiming at 80% or above.
Win 98 will probably not utilise any available RAM in excess of 512mbs. A limitation of the o/s.

  sicknote 12:39 14 Mar 2004

Hi Exodus
If i remove some programs the problem doesn't appear, Yes some of software is a bit old but would still like to use it.Don't rmember a warning about low resources.

  exodus 12:46 14 Mar 2004

I am referring to the number of programmes that are automatically running in the background at startup. It is this that you need to reduce via msconfig. The programmes themselves are still available via Start/Programmes.
This site informs you what is necessary in your startup folder. click here
Post back if you need help with using msconfig. utility.

  sicknote 12:51 14 Mar 2004

sorry misunderstood, Yes i have already been to msconfig and stopped as many startup programs running as i can

  exodus 13:55 14 Mar 2004

Have you checked to see what system resources are available at startup? If your hdd is becoming full, then that may limit the availability of space for Windows to use as the swap file. Are you letting Windows manage your virtual memory or have you set a limit?
For startup programmes running automatically, you do not need much more than systray, scanregw, antivirus and perhaps one or two more that may be necessary with your setup.

  sicknote 14:17 14 Mar 2004

Hard drive partioned into 2 60gb (sorry i said 80gb above error)still have aleast 50gb on 1 and 60gb on other which is for XP when i can get win98 stable.Bare bones running on startup as you have said.Windows is managing virtual memory

  exodus 14:46 14 Mar 2004

As you have eliminated most other possibilities, then it would appear certain programmes are not releasing memory when closed down. Tracking down memory leaks is difficult. The programme mentioned by Clint2, will periodically allow you to recover lost memory.

  sicknote 17:19 14 Mar 2004

Tks for help exodus,So maybe some extra memory might be worth a try.

  exodus 18:46 14 Mar 2004

Win9x will only utilise 512mb RAM, any more than that will be wasted with that o/s. Some people have fitted 768 mbs with no ill effects, whilst others have reported frequent crashes. Windows XP can use gb's of RAM if the motherboard is capable of holding such amounts.
Give Cacheman a try, as it may resolve your problem in the short term.

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