Win2k vs Win98 vs WinXP8

  bexley42 10:00 11 Jan 2005

You all seem so helpful on this forum, so here goes.-----I recently bought a tower with Win2000Pro because my one with Win98 packed up. Win2000Pro is really giving me a hard time - Virtual memory Registry, and really slow. I now have the choice of getting rid of Win2000Pro and go back to Win98 (which I never had any problem with in 5 years) or go with WinXPHome. Any advice please?

  Maverick81 10:04 11 Jan 2005

At lot depends on what you plan to use it for really, Win2k is what Winxp is based on so chances are if Win2k is slow on your pc then so will Windows xp.

What is the spec of your system ? and what do you want to use your PC for ?

Cheers, Mav

  TomJerry 10:10 11 Jan 2005

so it maynot be OS's problem, what is the spec of your machine

  recap 10:21 11 Jan 2005

The reason Maverick81 & TomJerry asked the question on what the spec of your computer is is because both W2k & XP use more resources to run than 98, XP more so than W2k. You will find if you have 512Mb RAM or more, the system will boot up faster and the programs will work smoother.

  bexley42 09:47 13 Jan 2005

Thanks for your help. I have changed to 512mb RAM and so far no problems.

  stuntmaster 10:20 13 Jan 2005

TomJerry i agree with you man, xp is jus t wrong for me, 98 is ok but doesnt do what i want, and 2000 is just it its the only OS I Never had problems with (touch wood), all AV's work fine, games play perfectly, and best of all uses less resources than XP!

and, i get no security crap either XP always gives you double confirmation on everything.
i also find my desktop icons dissapear after a while too.

bexley42 stick with win2kpro it is the best, and im sure youll find that everything works on it :-)
as with the ram Xp uses 128 Minimum 192 recommended.
2000? that needs 64 minimum 128 recommended.


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