Win2K Startup Blue Screen (USB 2.0 Driver related)

  Ben Avery 11:05 25 Apr 2003


I installed a new Lacie USB 2.0 4 port PCI card recently as I purchased a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150 which works best when using the USB 2.0 device. I installed the card and was given the usual New Hardware Found dialogue's in win 2k. I let the installation wizard find the driver from the CDROM and installed. I later realised that for some reason the driver which Windows located and installed was the windows 98/me driver NOT the win 2k/XP driver.

When I installed the DVC 150 software and plugged in the device, the add new hardware started and all installed great. The video card captured great and there was no problems. I also plugged my HP 960C Printer into the card and this also installed without a problem and printed nice and quickly.

However, the next time I booted up the PC the Win2k blue screen appeared and would not allow me to start windows. When I unplugged the attached devices from the USB 2.0 card, it booted up fine. If I plugged in the device post-bootup, they detect and install as new hardware automatically (using the drivers already installed previously). The devices then work fine...until next boot up!

The blue screen suggested that it was to do with the the USB 2.0 card driver. I then went into device manager (safe mode) and uninstalled the USB 2.0 devices and rebooted. However, there was no option to reinstall the driver for the correct one. It just installed the card using the previous ones that had been installed. I am also unable to change them directly from the device manager using the "update driver" function.

Any suggestions???


  Philip2 13:53 25 Apr 2003

Go to my computer put your driver CD Rom into the drive right click the drive click explore CD you should be able to select the correct driver.
I don't see why XP should choose a 98/ME driver
but there you go.

  Ben Avery 13:57 25 Apr 2003

I can find the correct driver ok, it's installing the thing which seems to be the trouble!

P.S. It's Windows 2000 Pro not XP (Don't like XP!)


  recap 14:03 25 Apr 2003

"The USB 2 driver must be installed before connecting any LaCie USB 2 device to a PC". This is from their site, now I don't know if they are refering to the card or a paripheral device. click here for the drivers.

  Big Elf 14:07 25 Apr 2003

I've noticed that Windows seems to to store and 'remember' the location of the driver files when installing new kit. Try searching your hard drive for that file (probably an .inf file) and rename it. Then uninstall the drivers again and reboot and then tell Windows where the driver is located on the CD rather than let it try to find it.

I've done this a couple of times in XP when I had similar problems.

  Ben Avery 14:15 25 Apr 2003

Good thinking - I'll give it a whirl!


  Big Elf 14:27 25 Apr 2003

I've had a thought that it may be better to uninstall the drivers first then rename the file as XP may state that it's in use if you do it the way I originally suggested.

  Ben Avery 14:30 25 Apr 2003

Ok cheers.

P.S. It's Windows 2000!


  Big Elf 14:33 25 Apr 2003

Oops. It was there in your first post and I missed it.

  Ben Avery 00:04 26 Apr 2003

Cheers buddy - Seems to have done the trick! I has to rtemove a whole folder which had been created called "Driver" in C:WINNT\ directory. Once that was gone and the hardware was uninstalled I was prompted for the CD to be inserted and chose the correct driver file manually. Works great now. Thank you!


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