Win2k Installed twice

  Secret Squirrel 15:02 13 Sep 2005

I installed Win2k (on an old PC) and set up a second partition on my C drive but noticed that I could not see the 2nd partition that I had created. It was created because the current "C:" drive shows it to be 20Gb, the partition I created. So where was the other 60Gb? I was expecting to be prompted to reformat another partition but was not. The next bits a tad embarassing so I'll skip over it suffice to say that I installed win2k again (+SP2)but on the second partition and then proceeded to reformat the partition containing Win2k (SP2)as I could not see away of uninstalling it. So to recap, I had Win2k and Win2k (+SP2) and deleted via reformmting SP2.

Now when I boot up I get a screen asking me to select an operating system. One works fine when selected but the other does not and a message saying to reinstal missing file NTOSKRNL.EXE
I of corse deleted it.
My question, how can I clear the system so I do not need to choose an operating system because there is only one now left fully installed.
Yes I know am a doo dooh


  Diemmess 16:52 13 Sep 2005

I think you have one partiton with NTFS and the other (guessing)a FAT32 format. Which one is which I do not know.

IF so... you have to decide either to use a program like Partition Magic to explore and probably repartition your HD, or scrap the lot and go through an FDISK routine from the beginning, and before installing 2K again.

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