Win2K explorer error on bootup.

  wildtrout 20:17 12 Feb 2003

I am running an Athlon 2000+ on MSI KT3 Ultra 6389E mobo with Win2K as the OS, 512M ram.
On boot up this morning my PC gave the following message “explorer has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program."
An error log is being created.

All the desktop icons appear but none of the programs in the sys tray like zone alarm etc, also my office tool bar does not appear.
If I click on any of the desktop items I get the same message as above.

I can access programs through start; programs etc. but again if I try to switch back to the desktop, up pops the same error message and the screen refreshes.
If I try to open anything in control panel except add/remove programs the error message appears and we go back to the desktop.

The previous evening I had been trying to get a Kodak DC240 camera to work via USB and had to download a USB driver from the Kodak site specific for win2k.
The download was unsuccessful, and I still could not get the camera to connect.
What could have gone wrong?

  BarryKeith 22:28 12 Feb 2003

It may be that the download inadvertently wrote over some of your system files, I am not familiar with Win2K but would reccommend either using system restore or reinstalling windows over itself to return your computer to its previous operational condition, unless you have a "Last know good" option during system start up.

  wildtrout 23:05 12 Feb 2003

I have restored the registry to the Last known good configurationb, at your suggestion, but without any success.I will try to reload windows, when time allows.

  Amadas 23:10 12 Feb 2003

This seems to be a common complaint regarding Win2K. I also run Win2k and from my experience, it's associated with the USB port. Why?, I haven't been able to figure that one out yet, but myself and many of my friends running win2k seem to have this problem whenever the USB port is used. A reboot should rectify the problem. If not, then a complete shutdown for about 5 minutes, then restarting should also rectify this.


  wildtrout 23:17 12 Feb 2003

The machine has been 'off' for some time over an hour and the problem still persists. When I insert my win2k disc as soon as it starts to auto play I get the error pop up screen. I also get the same error if I try to get to the disk via My Computer, 'D', open.

  Amadas 23:40 12 Feb 2003

have you recently installed IE6? Or even service pack 3?

try here click here;en-us;319124
this may shed some light on the subject.


  Amadas 23:41 12 Feb 2003

click here;en-us;319124

  Amadas 00:55 13 Feb 2003

add the last part after click here to your url and it will take you to that page.


  wildtrout 08:49 13 Feb 2003

I have been running IE6 for some time without any problems, I do not have service pack 3 installed.

  recap 10:15 13 Feb 2003

wildtrout, have you tried booting your system up with the W2K disc in to boot from disc? this should then allow you to run the repair option.

If that doesn't work try to run the disc via the Add/Remove option in the Control Panel?

If that fails to work, try the link Amadas gave you as it is suggesting that IE6 is at fault here. If you can get IE6 to uninstall this may then allow you access to your computer to see if any part of the download is running on your system. If it is then you can take it off and reinstall IE6.

  wildtrout 19:43 13 Feb 2003

I have removed IE6 and restored earlier version,as suggested by Amadas's link to MS knowledge base article 319124.

This did not resolve the problem.

I have also tried to boot from cd after inserting my win2k disk and trying to run disk from add/remove option in control panel. I get message
Program error "mshta.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. An error log is being created"
Situation still the same.

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