win2000 trying to install

  richierich 23:18 06 May 2003

Have formatted my laptop, restarted with win2000 disk in but all im getting is a flashing cursor, cant type or do anything, where do i go from here

  A15 23:32 06 May 2003

Is your laptop set to boot from CD drive?

In BIOS set your boot order to A: then CD-ROM then C: next time you reboot the computer will check your CD-ROM drive & if it contains a bootable CD you should get a message like "press (whatever) to boot from CD-ROM".

I am assuming of course that you have a full version of Windows 2000 & not a recovery CD, as I do not know if they work the same way.

  Rhuddlan 23:33 06 May 2003

Have you changed the setting in the BIOS for your computer to start up from the CD ROM drive first, usally they are set to start up from the hard disk, then the floppy and then the CD ROM, or just press the F8 key at startup and a box should appear showing the three ways to startup, use the up and down arrows to go down to the CD ROM drive and press enter, the computer should restart and load from the CD ROM, hope this helps, let me know how you get on,
regards, Rhuddlan.

  Rhuddlan 23:35 06 May 2003

Sorry for repeating the same as A15, but I expected to relpy to your question before anyone else, I guess I was a bit to slow, let me know if you solve your problem, Rhuddlan.

  richierich 23:36 06 May 2003

I have full version of win2000.
I tried to get into bios by pressing del on startup but it kept going into win98.
I formatted and that was the problem.
It probably wasnt set to read cd rom drive first.
Ive just found a win98 boot floppy which iw ill try to use to get the cd rom set up.
Do you think ittl work?

  A15 23:40 06 May 2003

Yes that should work fine, just select the option that allows you to boot with CD-ROM drivers loaded. Once you get to the DOS prompt change your drive letter to your CD-ROM & type setup, that should start the installation procedure for Windows 2000.

  richierich 23:46 06 May 2003

got to change prompt to cd rom drive (D) but it says this programme cant be run in DOS mode ?

  A15 23:50 06 May 2003

OK, trying to work from memory! When you change to your CD drive type dir to get a root directory listing of the CD contents, maybe the startup program is called install now, but I am sure I used to know it as setup or maybe thats just going back to my Windows 3.1 days!

  richierich 00:00 07 May 2003

got to root directory but there is nothing that looks like install or setup ?

  A15 00:10 07 May 2003

You say you have a full version of Windows 2000. If this is the case & you are in the root directory of your CD-ROM there will be a setup.exe or an install.exe file to initiate the install program for Windows 2000. Rather than trying to find the file, once you have changed to your CD-ROM drive try typing setup.exe if this does not work try typing install.exe one of these programs should launch the install process for Windows 2000.

  richierich 00:14 07 May 2003

There is setup.exe but when I type this it says that this programme cannot be run from DOS mode

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