win2000 set up prob

  campal 16:54 14 Feb 2003

when trying to load win 2000 when i type setup or setup the A:> prompt it says something like you cannot set up in DOS how can i get it to load?

  Lozzy 17:02 14 Feb 2003

You can't.. Set the Bios to Boot frm CD Rom as 1st boot floppy to 2nd and HDD to 3rd then re boot with Win 2000 in the rom and your off and running

  campal 17:37 14 Feb 2003

whin i type the % command it says invalid drivehow do i set the bios so i can boot from cd?

  campal 17:37 14 Feb 2003

whin i type the % command it says invalid drivehow do i set the bios so i can boot from cd?

  campal 18:00 14 Feb 2003

how do i know if my floppy has cd rom support?

  Lú-tzé 18:19 14 Feb 2003

Go into your BIOS and set the first boot option as the CD-rom and the second as the floppy. The third should be IDE 1 usually.

Then put your win2k cd into the drive and reboot.

If you want a floppy with cd-rom support it can be made with win98 or download one from click here

  Lú-tzé 18:20 14 Feb 2003

PS if your PC boots from the CD then you will not need a bootable floppy.

  fitcher 22:52 14 Feb 2003

as the chaps have said make your first boot cd rom .in bios
but I prefere to make a set of floppies (four ) by placing the win2000 cd in and opening it up ,(right click it )you will see a icon saying you can make four set up floppies from this cd .name 1 2 3 4 and place each in turn .and then the cd 2000 disk .I use a spare win98 floppy start up disk to ..f disk and format before this . hope this helps you i would rather have 2000 than xp and i have both

  AndySD 23:08 14 Feb 2003

The win 2k bootdisks click here

  y_not 04:50 15 Feb 2003

As you boot the system up press the "Del" or delete key repeatedly.

This will take you into the BIOS. Using the arrow keys (the mouse won't work) go down to the CMOS and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Again using the arrow keys move down to the line (usually says 1st Boot) and the word FLOPPY is highlighted. Change this to CDROM by using the + or - keys on your keyboard.

After you have changed this option press F10 to "Save & exit".

The system will re-start and, if you have the win2k disc in the CD drive it will give you the option to boot from CD or HDD.......choose CD and away you go.

Hope this helps


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