Win2000 Server...locked out of drive.

  MjM Hellfire 22:32 23 Jul 2003

I just recently installed 2000 Server on my spare and I managed to lock everyone out of one of my partitioned hard drives.

It's just one small partition, but while I was configuring user access rights I somehow locked me out.

Any ideas how I can get bacj imto it and share it with other users?


  Gaz 25 23:15 23 Jul 2003

Ummm, you have got to be careful, simalar happened to me.

I dont think there is a legal way to do it.

  MjM Hellfire 07:53 24 Jul 2003

Would a full re-install and reformat of the drive be the only way then?

  recap 09:13 24 Jul 2003

MjM Hellfire, don't reformat. Go back into the Group Policy or Security Policy that you change and change the permission back to their original settings.

If that doesn't work use your original back up to restore your previous settings.

Once I have gotten in to our W2k server I'll look to see which policy needs changing back for you. (we have been having problems with ours lately, HDD went down, cpu failed and it's fan, back ups stopped working, just getting things sorted now).

  recap 12:26 24 Jul 2003

If you set permissions through the Computer managment facility, open it back up and click the Add button from here you should be able to undo the permissions. Remember by default the Administrator is added to some of these permissions, so be very carefull when setting permissions ( and write down what you have done and where).

  recap 16:07 24 Jul 2003

Sorry MjM Hellfire, it's not the add button but the Advanced button/View/Edit. Make sure you write down which properties you untick for reference later just in case.

  MjM Hellfire 16:30 24 Jul 2003

Cheers 'recap', but it won't let me touch the drive with a bargepole, so I did things the old fashioned way; reformatted the locked partition thus freeing it up, went in and set it up correctly this time...phew.

Cheers for the advice, noted.

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