win xp in virtual pc under win7

  Dasmad 16:58 29 May 2011

I've just insstalled xp in a virtual machine running on my Acer netbook, in hopes that I can run outlook express as my email client. Normally they say this is only suitable in win7 pro. but I have installed under home edition, to see if I would really have to upgrade. so far so good, but it is slow and Ihaven't yet been able to connect to internet in the xp mode. two questions : why is it so it memory allocation and can I increease it for virtual pc ? secondly, can someone give me a brief idea how to allow the vpc to share the host machine internet connection ?

  Dasmad 22:27 29 May 2011

124 - that makes a lot of sense........up to now I have been using t'bird, but still hanker after OE 'cos it seems to me to do things better, and like to have the netbook on same system as my xp laptop. but from what you say, it does look like I should stick with t'bird. if anyone else wants to add anything I leave this open for now !

  northumbria61 22:51 29 May 2011

Click on Computer - Properties - Advanced System Settings - Performance - Settings - Advanced Tab - Virtual Memory - Increase the size of the Paging File. You should find that Virtual PC/ XP Mode will Open quicker and run better.

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