Win Xp update and SP2

  theodor 09:31 28 Apr 2005

Has anyone who doesn’t want SP2 had any problems with Windows update since 12 April?
i.e. has SP2 been forced on them?

Microsoft released this statement " On April 12, Microsoft will make the Windows XP Service Pack 2 upgrade "automatic" for any machine that uses the Windows Update utility."

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  Indigo 1 12:22 28 Apr 2005

I don't think they (M/S) can 'force' you to upgrade to SP2 but they have stopped providing updates for XP pre SP2, so it looks as if we have no choice if we want to keep our XP machines up to date with M/S security features and patches.

There are other altenatives to M/S such as Linux which is free, at least some versions are. I came across something on Ebay last week called Simply Mepis OS click here which is a version of Linux but costs £4.99 (which seems OK) and it looks well cool.

I suppose others will have their own opinions on it but I am considering getting a copy and setting it up on my PC as a dual-boot along side WinXP SP2 to compare the two. As I am beginning to get fed up with the heavy handed techniques of the mighty MS corporation.

It appears that if you change some parts of your PC (including the Mouse) then you will have to buy a full retail version of XP or else fall foul of their terms and conditions because it will then not be exactly the same PC as XP was first installed on. This excludes some parts like CPU and RAM but includes Motherboard and PCI cards.

  goonerbill © ® 13:08 28 Apr 2005

i dont agree with microsofts attitude but these SP's and updates are there for a reason (they are to lazy to release something that actually works straight from the box) but with all the loopholes and open backdoors in there software (and i dont mean to start any arguments) people will soon be posting in this forum complaining about microsofts attitude because they cannot get any updates due to the fact they have left there pc's open to attacks because they haven't installed the latest SP and could even unknowingly infect other pc's who's owners have the same attitude.

sorry if this has offended anybody, but your own pc security should be high on everyone's list, just look at the postings in the forum, postings on virus attacks etc: when all you got to do is install the latest updates with a good AV prog and firewall to protect yourself.

but then again, dont follow my advice as the FE would be out of a nice job and those more knowledgeable than myself, would have nowhere to spend there spare time passing on there expertise to the less informed.

  stlucia 13:20 28 Apr 2005

Having sat on the fence for a long while, I loaded SP2 last weekend. Apart from it filling up my HDD, I had no problems with the install and, after freeing up space by re-installing some other programs on another drive, have had no problems since.

Surely by now all the documented compatibility problems caused by SP2 will have been sorted, so why not upgrade?

  theodor 14:25 28 Apr 2005

Hi All

Yes, pc security is very high on my list, BUT I have heard from several sources (and some friends) about serious problems caused by SP2
“ This SP2 update has caused far more damage and stress than any hacker ever has to my system”

So if I can I’m keeping away ……..don’t really want to argue the pros and cons of SP2.

I would like to hear from anyone who doesn’t want to install SP2 and has had any problems with Windows XP update recently with regard to SP2. -Thanks

  Indigo 1 14:33 28 Apr 2005

I too was very nervous about installing SP2 untill I actually did it and found it no problem at all.

I had a minor problem with my ADSL PCI modem and another with graphics drivers and some other very minor problem that I can't even remember but they were very simple to fix by uninstalling them and re-booting.

I made a full backup of the C: drive onto another drive before I started using XXClone click here and I still have it just in case but all is fine so far.

  theodor 15:25 28 Apr 2005

Well I decided to check out WindowsXP update again and it states that updates are available for SP1 and SP2 users – and using Custom Install I was still able to reject the SP2 option.
In PCAdvisor No.119 June, page125, it looks like we are going to have to revalidate our copy of XP before using Windows Update (sometime this summer) unless XP is set for Automatic updates.

  StephenRogers 21:18 28 Apr 2005

I tried to download and install SP2 - caused major problems - start up loop etc. I'm about to try again using advice from

click here

wish me luck!

  StephenRogers 14:32 29 Apr 2005

all installed fine - no problems

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