Win XP turns itself on

  bikerman 21:32 16 Jan 2003
  bikerman 21:32 16 Jan 2003

I have just upgraded my mobo and fitted the Athlon XP2000 processor. Now after closing Windows normally my PC switches itself back on after about an hour. Any ideas?

  Lú-tzé 22:05 16 Jan 2003

Any settings in the BIOS to tell it when to wake - maybe via modem, etc? Just a thought.

  hgrock 22:19 16 Jan 2003

Win XP turns itself on'
could be your modem if you have one or your network card which has a small cabel that connects to the mother board to wake ul on lan also check the bios to see if this feature is also enabled

  grove34 23:45 16 Jan 2003

i had the same problem and it turned out to be a faulty power supply.

i thought it was my cable modem doing it but all the settings to wake the pc were switched of and the cable that connects to the network card was still in the box.

  bikerman 18:20 17 Jan 2003

Thanks guys, it was the modem.

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