win xp and the system restore feature

  mpg1965 12:07 06 Feb 2004

i was reading the march 2004 issue of pc advisors helpline and on one of the replys to a query it said something about the system restore folder and deleting the restore points.i located the hidden folder just to see if i could delete some off mine as ive used the create a restore point alot over the last few months.on inspecting the 2folders in c:\system volume information i was shocked to see one was 12.1 gig in size and the other 137 mb.on opening the 12.1 gig folder its just a mass of folders and in each folder just files on whats been put do i delete the sytem restore points i know i will no longer need.............mike

  jimv7 12:11 06 Feb 2004

Right click 'my computer' click properties, system restore, put a tick in the 'turn off system restore' restart the computer and it will delete all restore points.

Do not forget to turn it on again and a good idea to make a restore point right away.

  ventanas 12:17 06 Feb 2004

You can adjust the amount of disc space SR uses by moving the slider.

It is also possible to change the settings for how often restore points are created, and how long before they are deleted. This requires changes to the registry. If you want to know how post back. Defaults are 24 hours and ninety days respectively.

  Indigo 1 12:19 06 Feb 2004

You should start by limiting the size of your System Restore folder, for the average user it should be set between 2 and 8 per cent of the total Hard Drive. 2% is minimal but will give you a restore point up to 3 or 4 days old depending on the total number of files on your Hard drive.

Older Restore Points are automatically deleted as new ones are created.

Go to Control Panel/All Programs/Accessories/System Restore/ in the left hand panel go to Sytem Restore Settings/System Restore/Settings and move the slider to an acceptable level.

  jessej 12:26 06 Feb 2004

I have my own little problem with SR, it only works when it wants to which can be several days apart, which prompts the question does SR only create a restore point when it detects any changes? This has been an ongoing thing and was the same before I had a new motherboard fitted. Incidentally, I know what the settings are for the registry and have checked them out. I have also followed all previous advice about turning SR off then back on again,etc., all to no avail.

  ventanas 12:32 06 Feb 2004

SR will create a new restore point every 24 hours if the PC is left on. If switched off if the system detects that more than 24 hours has passed it will create a new point on boot.

This is from Microsoft.

Go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore. Check the settings for RPGlobalInterval and RPLifeInterval. Unfortunately they are in seconds, so the figures are quite large.

  iscanut 12:47 06 Feb 2004

I get very confused with SR at times ! Sometimes, I create a check point just because I know that all is OK with system. If I try and restore from these points, system tells me that it cannot restore as no changes have been made to the system ! I can only restore if and when a Restore Point created when changing settings, installing software etc...Am I missing sometihing, or is this how it works ?

  mpg1965 16:28 06 Feb 2004

thanks very much folks for your help.ill have a crack at this now and let you know the results.cheers mike..............

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