Win XP shutdown looks like Win98

  keith-236785 21:16 02 Apr 2004

i have just updated my windows XP with service pack 1 + every other update available.

on restarting my shutdown options have changed from the nice graphical winxp default shutdown screen to the old style windows98 menu.

any ideas why this has happened and how to solve it, i could run sfc but if i do, will i have to update the service pack again.

thanks in advance, im on my way to work now so i wont get to see any answers till 6-30 am

  woodchip 21:18 02 Apr 2004

No it should just look for Corrupt files, so long as you do not have a tick in any of the settings box's to look for deleted or changed files. you should use the XP disc to run SFC

  Alx 22:18 02 Apr 2004

have you disabled the Welcome screen?

  VoG II 22:32 02 Apr 2004

"every other update available" - probably a bad idea. Have you tried taking them off one by one in Add&Remove programs? You did note down the numbers?

  keith-236785 06:40 03 Apr 2004

Thanks all for the pointers, i am a bit tired now so its off to bed but i will sort this when i get up.

VoG™, blushes in shame......nope i didnt write the numbers down, just selected them all and installed. not un-installed anything yet.

Alx, will try to find how to enable the welcome screen as that sounds promising

once again thank you all

  keith-236785 16:45 03 Apr 2004

ok guys

tried sfc, no difference

windows welcome screen is enabled

only thing left is to start uninstalling

if that doesn't work its "format c:" lol

thanks for trying.

  Djohn 17:07 03 Apr 2004

Try a "Restore" to previous date before the drastic Format. :o(

  keith-236785 17:08 04 Apr 2004


tried a restore but it made no difference (i have also lost all restore points prior to 1st april, think someones having a laugh here)

i tried re-installing winxp over the top, got my shutdown screen back YIPEE.

then installed service pack1 again. back to old win98 shutdown screen

i give up, im gonna format on tuesday.

any more ideas folks before i bite the bullet.


  Djohn 18:08 04 Apr 2004

paperman27. Worth a try. First check your XP CD to see if it already has SP1 on it. If it was bought in the past 12 months or so it should already be on there.

2) Is it SP1 or SP1a that you are trying to up-date to?

  woodchip 21:20 04 Apr 2004

Backup your files and E-mail etc And run XP repair after starting with the Xp disc to boot from

  keith-236785 06:42 05 Apr 2004

Thanks, i am going to format and re-install winxp. then i will have to update and install SP1 from microsoft site. My xp is one of the early ones and doesn't contain the service pack.

I'm not sure but i think it is the service pack that is screwing it up (only way to be sure is to start from scratch, i have been meaning to do it for a while now, so now i have a good reason to format).

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