Win XP Security

  ukhomerj2003 11:24 22 Oct 2006

How can i secure my Win XP so that on start up, only i can access various parts of the hard drive with a passowrd. This is to stop an estranged wife acessing my PC when i am out of the house.
The PC is not shared with her, thankfully


  Totally-braindead 11:30 22 Oct 2006

I can't help you there but I'm sure others will. My suggestion is more down to earth. Remove something that will stop it starting up. I was thinking about the power lead but its the same connection as the one on your kettle so you would have to physically remove that as well. Perhaps disconnect and remove the keyboard?

  anskyber 11:32 22 Oct 2006
  martjc 11:35 22 Oct 2006

...Does your motherboard allow for passwords on the BIOS? If a user does not know the password then the machine will not even enter Windows.

Only problem here is that you will need to choose a password that is both easy for you to remember and non-guessable by the other person.

Check in the BIOS. Ther will probably be that option.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:11 22 Oct 2006

Encryptors / Security:-
AxCrypt click here
Easycrypto deluxe click here
Powercrypt 2000 click here
Hide Folders click here
Folderlock click here
CD/DVD Lock click here
Hide Files & Folders click here

  Zak 19:34 22 Oct 2006

How about setting user password for accounts including the administrator account in Win XP.

Have a read of this:

click here

You wil need to read all.


click here

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