win xp restore points/lack of

  User-73C3BC04-DC38-4B02-81C2D2F73B470E23 20:07 26 May 2003

I have tried to create restore points (approx 5 attempts)
taking me back to mid April but no joy.

Any suggestions appreciated


  Quiller. 20:14 26 May 2003

Are you sure it is switched on. go to control panel - system - system restore and make sure the turn off system restore is un-checked.

Also look at the settings tab, how much hard drive space is allocated to it. Again also what available hard drive space do you have?

  leo49 20:19 26 May 2003

System isn't a Time Machine-you can't create points retrospectively. Perhaps you mean you've tried to restore certain previously created points? If so,what error message did you get?

  VoG™ 20:28 26 May 2003

Some things to try click here

  Quiller. 21:52 27 May 2003

e-mail received tonight from zeroyak

"Thanks for reply with restore points in xp
my hard drive is 2.4 Pentium of which 79% is free. restore points is
switched on and its window says 12% 4575mb is available.the following
message appears after trying "no changes have been made to your
computer,your computer cannot be restored to (whatever date I picked)
Your suggestions appreciated.Thanks"

Well every thing is as it should be, I think.

It may be that system restore is corrupt in some way. Try this;

start - run and type sfc /scannow and press enter. Have your X\P disk in the drive and see if this has made a difference.

  Quiller. 22:56 30 May 2003

"I tried "sfc/scannow" suggestion with XP in drive and was told windows unable to find, yet when I do a search on my C drive
and on XP CD I find sfc files on both.
Cheers "

I have suggested that he has not put the space between sfc and / as is needed for this to run.

  Quiller. 01:15 01 Jun 2003

Mission accomplished, sys restore is now working, I had to retry several times but finally it ran thru to the end.
Mant Thanks

  Quiller. 01:20 01 Jun 2003

Forgot to post that I sent an e-mail to the effect of the space between sfc and /. So it should read sfc /scannow.

The space is important, otherwise you will receive the error message.

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