Win XP Repair?

  Ex plorer 13:05 01 Mar 2007

Hi I need to do a repair on Win XP I put the Win XP disc in the drive and shut down the PC, I then rebooted it I get the Win XP loading screen and then the log on user screen and the XP disc spins I thought XP would come up with the option screen to install and then repair but I get nothing the XP is original and owned by me.
How can I get to the repair screen.

  skidzy 13:20 01 Mar 2007

Try changing the bios to boot from cd first.

tapping either F1/F2/Delete key/F10 maybe check your manual.

One of these keys will get you into the bios,now change the boot order to cd/hdd/floppy etc....F10 to save and exit normally and reboot the system with the dsc in the tray.

  Ex plorer 14:55 01 Mar 2007

Hi ok set boot to CD for first boot.
The problem and why I want to try a repair is because I had a Trojan CLICKER CY I thought I had found it and deleted it.
My PC shuts down and is a devil to restart for more than a few minuets when it happens it will run for 2 minuets and then switches off.
Trying a repair with XP shuts the PC down also running A squared has the same affect.
Trojan Hunter runs ok but finds nothing the same with AVG and ADD Aware.
Can a bug protect itself?

  skidzy 15:08 01 Mar 2007

"Can a bug protect itself?"

Not in safemode.

Can you boot into safemode,if your apps in safemode.Have you tried disabling System restore and rebooting and then enable SR.

  matofthemint 15:48 01 Mar 2007

Don't put the disk in and then shut down. Put the disk in, if it doesn't start up, go to the disk drive and click properties, click start, or click explore and find the .exe file and click on it.

  skidzy 16:00 01 Mar 2007

Win XP Repair?

To boot from the cd/dvd click here

XP Repair click here

  Ex plorer 16:18 01 Mar 2007

Hi I down loaded a fresh A Squared and tried it in safe mode as soon as it started to scan it switched the PC shut down.
I tred to go back to a Restore point SM chosing the high lighted dates as soon as I clicked the next screen it shut down again.
I then ran the XP again and again it shut down.
My screen is now like an ocen wave as I scroll it up or down.

  skidzy 16:20 01 Mar 2007

I would suggest you open the case and check all cables,fans running ok and reseat any graphics cards and ram.

  skidzy 16:21 01 Mar 2007

Just to add, if a new pc and still under not open the case,as this may void the warranty.

  Ex plorer 16:51 01 Mar 2007

Hi I built this PC about 18 months ago and had no problems until I got this trojan.
I will do as you sugest as the PC has now started to shut down and I have moved to my second PC also if you hit add remove Icon in control it acts like an on off switch and shuts the PC down.

  skidzy 17:06 01 Mar 2007

if you can get into windows,try running sfc
Start/Run and type sfc /scannow (note the space / )
Understanding sfc click here

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