Win XP reinstall - HELP!

  kumarisblue 09:41 09 Aug 2005

Can anyone please help...I am getting deperate! I am part way through a format and reinstallation of Win XP on an emachine 620 due to riddled with viruses etc.
I have completed Fdisk and Format of disk drives but now when I need to reinstall XP on formatted drive I keep getting the A:\> prompt and everything I try to put in just comes back with invalid command or bad command line. I have tried various commands eg: setup, exe etc. What am I doing wrong????
All help greatly appreciated! Thanks

  mattyc_92 09:42 09 Aug 2005

You are supposed to boot from the installation disk (You may need to change the boot settings in the BIOS)

  mattyc_92 09:44 09 Aug 2005

What version of WinXP are you using? Home or Pro? (as you can get some "floppy disks" to boot the cd if your BIOS isn't able to)

  kumarisblue 11:08 09 Aug 2005

I am trying to reinstall xp home edition...feeling desperate and appreciate the advice thanks!

  mattyc_92 11:09 09 Aug 2005

click here You will need about 6 floppy disks.

  mattyc_92 11:12 09 Aug 2005

or use this one click here

  kumarisblue 11:31 09 Aug 2005

Have tried this...when it asked me to put windows xp home edition disk in I put in manufacturers recovery disk and it swore at me telling me that i have a corrupt partition! What do I do or is all a lost cause?

  mattyc_92 11:32 09 Aug 2005

What do you mean "swore at me"?

  kumarisblue 11:35 09 Aug 2005

It told me that it could not continue as the partition it was trying to install it on was corrupt

  ACOLYTE 11:39 09 Aug 2005

I think,but am not sure that the recovery disk is looking for the partition on the hard drive the factory put there,that has all your windows files on it,and when you booted with the floppies
and it asked for the xp cd i think it meant the full version cd not a restore cd.You should have been able to restore with this disk before formating now you have lost the partition the restore disk looks for on the hard drive.The onlt way round it may be getting a copy of XP and installing that.

  ACOLYTE 16:56 10 Aug 2005

Another thought on this is if you fdisked the drive then it will no longer have the NTFS file system on it the restore disc would assume to be there,this may be another reason the cd said the partition was corrupt.
But i think unless the restore cd has a boot up option on it that will format the drive to ntfs and reinstall the os you may need to get a new copy of xp,or send it back to the company you got it from they should be able to put the os back on.

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