Win XP - RAM 4GB Support

  dodojanik 20:32 23 Apr 2008

Well, after i got a new desktop so i decided to put the GREAT Vista Ultimate on it.after a week of using it i am getting realy bored with it, cause of incopability with some of my hardware like the Wi-Fi card etc... i am thinking to get back to the XP, but i am wooried about the XP RAM suport cause i ve readed somewhre that it support maximal 3GB RAM and i have a 4GB RAM on my PC, so i just want to ask if there is any chance to make it support 4GB of RAM, thank you....well done Microsoft, i am geting the feeling that the Vista issnt very far from the Windows ME which was a great product to...

  iscanut 20:51 23 Apr 2008

The most you can hope to get to use will be around 3.5Gb, not the full 4. Hardly a case to worry about !

  Fried~Chips 20:54 23 Apr 2008

for 4GB support on XP.

  [email protected] 21:18 23 Apr 2008

32 bit vista will display 4 gig but will use 3/ 3.25, same as xp. you can force them to use all the ram but imho it's not worth it, vista needs 2 gig to run. xp runs best with 2 gig dual channel on any system i have tried, so over 3 gig will be ample.

  Technotiger 21:23 23 Apr 2008

I have 4Gb dual-channel on my XP Home, shows as 3.12Gb in My Computer>Properties. But as I understand it, it does help and in particular in relation to Graphics if you have a half-decent graphics card, not on-board graphics.

It enables me to run my FSX Deluxe settings ALL on Ultra-High, it does make a difference.

  Strawballs 22:23 23 Apr 2008

The only O/S's that will see more than 3.25gig are the 64bit ones and theoreticlly they will see in the hundreds.

  dodojanik 22:24 23 Apr 2008

probably you all right,like i was thinking that if vista needs to run nearly 1GB of RAM more as the XP so even if the XP shows only about 3GB of RAM it could be probably the same thing as 4GB on Vista...and if the XP can realy use the oustanding RAM for graphic cards so that is just better for me, cause i am playing lots games...i also got the Vista cause of the DX10 and i especialy buyed CRYSIS for that (it suports the DX10) but havent noticed some big diferences...cheers

  barca1 22:35 23 Apr 2008

dodojanik i am about a month or so of vista experiance & i dont realy like it, I think its got many features that XP doesnt have & should have & maybe our friends @ microsoft should of brought a series of XP Ultimate rather than change to a complete & NOT very liked new "OS"

I have recently noted that there was a survey from a trusted source that found 67% of vista users dont like it & would prefair to go back to XP...SPeaks Volumes eh..

  Strawballs 11:51 24 Apr 2008

click here= DX 10 on XP

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