Win XP Pro...Files & Folders

  Pc.2 12:43 22 Jun 2003

I know my memory is getting worse because I can't remember how to stop the rarely used files & folders from being hidden. I hate the little arrows that expand and prefer to see all my Apps./Files & Folders. Can anybody jog my brain for me?? I promise I'll write it down this time, I may even pop along to Curry's and get an electronic brain fitted. Thanks.


  powerless 12:54 22 Jun 2003

Right Click Tasbar > Properties > Start Menu > Customise > Use Personlised menus.

  Pc.2 12:57 22 Jun 2003

done that 'Powerless' but it still keeps hiding.
Thankyou for your response.


  powerless 13:01 22 Jun 2003

Scroll Programs?

  Pc.2 13:29 22 Jun 2003

Hello again 'powerless', ok I just tried that but it hasn't made any difference.


  DieSse 13:36 22 Jun 2003

Right click on the task bar - Select Properties - Untick "Hide inactive icons"

This does it for the System Tray.

  Pc.2 13:46 22 Jun 2003

the Hide Inactive Icons was not ticked!


  DieSse 13:58 22 Jun 2003

Try ticking it - then go through the whole process again and untick it - Does the system tray change?

  Pc.2 14:15 22 Jun 2003

OK, have tried ticking it but to no avail. I think we are on the wrong tracks's not the icons in the Taskbar that are hiding, it's the Files & Start/Programs and it's these that are being hidden.


  DieSse 18:56 22 Jun 2003

Sorry - is this it?

Using Personalized Menus with the Classic Start menu. Personalized Menus simplifies the Programs menu by hiding items you haven't used recently, while keeping all of your programs easily accessible.

You can still gain access to hidden programs by clicking Start, pointing to Programs, and then clicking the down arrow at the bottom of the menu.

To turn on Personalized Menus
Right-click the Start button, and then click Properties.
On the Start Menu tab, click Classic Start menu, and then click Customize.
Under Advanced Start menu options, select the Use personalized menus check box.

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