Win XP Prof SP2 "modem removed unavailable device"

  CCT 13:58 05 Apr 2006

The dial up connection won't work on my friend's computer. Upon inspection I find that although the modem is seen in Device Manager and all appears to be working as it should be, in internet properties the settings for the connection have the following message in the 'Connect Using' box:

x modem removed - unavailable device

I have tried using a different Port, 2 different modems with their drivers, all to no avail. I have tried creating different Internet connections. I have tried removing the modem in Safe Mode and then re-installing on Normal Windows Boot up. I have tried altering the COM settings in the BIOS to 'Auto'. Still the same problem. I have searched around on the web and found no better resolutions than to "Reformat and re-install Windows' which seems a bit of a sledge hammer to crack a nut' response to a problem that will probably be just configuration problem.

Anyone seen this or have any other ideas?

Neil Harland

  doc_bob 13:23 12 May 2007

I haven't even found somewhere they suggest reformat and re-install -- there isn't much out about this - but it is very strange. It just happened all of a sudden. The modem works ofr a terminal program I have, shows in devices and can be queried and shows to be working - HOWEVER when looked at as an internet connection it shows "X modem removed". I even uninstalled the modem and insrtalled an external I got and it came up the same way.

I would be interested in anyone who has seen this too.

  JimPivonka 18:58 05 Jun 2007

An associate has just returned from Kabul, where she had XP [email protected] problems, but was able to retain connectivity via the NIC/Broadband connection. Here she uses a modem connection. After rebuilding the connection and attempting to use it she reports (via phone to me) messages like "Modem Configuration: Unavailable Device Com1" and "Modem Removed: Unavailable Device" (or missing device - have not seen the machine yet.

I would appreciate any information that you have developed on this error, and will post any I can develop on it.

  CCT 22:35 05 Jun 2007


I'm afraid I gave up waiting and re-installed Windows etc. Things are working fine now.

Like I said, sledgehammer to crack a nut.


Neil Harland

  mosidiot 12:42 13 Aug 2007


I had 2 modem installed on 2 PC, both of them working fine however one of them suddenly got such problem - Modem Removed- Unavailable device(COM1).

I had change the slot in my motherboard, reinstalling the driver but to no avail. I believe there are some hardware memories or registry settings are still presisting, but just don't know where to clear it.

Besides reformating, anyone had any better idea??

  Stuartli 13:33 13 Aug 2007

Try an XP Repair.

click here:

Scroll down to How to Run a Repair Install.

It's wise to backup first and you may need to reinstall SP2, but you should retain all your programs, applications, configuration etc.

You can return XP to full updating using AutoPatcher:

click here or click here

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