Win XP probz...

  freakbrothers 23:21 24 Apr 2003

Nothing seems to work on one of our PCs anymore.
Everthing just suddenly closes, stating an error has occured.
I could load up Real One player, Windows Media, DivX, Kazaa Lite etc, and as soon as it loads the first page, an error appears, stating it is now gonna close down.
When I looked at the technical info part it said it may be due to the Digital Product ID or Liscense.

I bought this copy of WinXP Pro at PC world.
Only problem is it has been installed on the same hard drive about 4 times, because of crashes and viruses etc.
Im wondering if the errors are something to do with that. Maybe they think Ive installed the same copy of Xp on loads of hard drives.

Ive got the latest Microsoft updates, and it has been activated.

Whats my next step? Any ideas?
Should I (once again!) re-install, or should I just a throw the machine out the window (very temptimg right now...)

any help appreciated...


  Embezzler 23:32 24 Apr 2003

have you tried formatting you PC then reinstalling it?

  freakbrothers 23:37 24 Apr 2003


  Embezzler 23:38 24 Apr 2003

what's the spec of your comp?

  freakbrothers 23:44 24 Apr 2003

AMD 1800XP.
80Gb Seagate Hdd.
2x80Gb Western Digital SE.
Abit KX7-333 Mobo.
All-in-One Radeon Graphics cardwith 64Mb DDR Ram.
512 Mb DDR Ram (PC 2700).
Windowx XP.

Its not mine, its my younger brothers. Ive just found it its bust aswell.
He has AVG on it, and updated etc. He also has Real one player, Kazaa Lite, Div X, and some other stuff. Most of the hard drives are films and MP3's. He also has a lot of his own music on their.

  NICK ADSL UK 23:45 24 Apr 2003

hi freddy the best way forward Is to reinstall xp pro make sure the drive is properly formatted once that is done install service pack 1 do not install kazza use win mx instead load your virus checker then your firewall make sure all drivers are up to date post back when you have finished and let us know how it has gone where then I can further advice you

  freakbrothers 23:50 24 Apr 2003

Wow, thats a heck of a lot of info there!

Yeah, ill try that and get back to you.

Problem is this is the 5-6 reformat we have done on this in about 3 months.

How can I find out it is properly formatted?
When Installing Xp on the blank hard drive, it was formatted using NTFS etc, and has been working fine up until a few days ago, apparently.
I used the WInXP format options, as I wouldnt be able to format them through fdisk.

  Embezzler 23:54 24 Apr 2003

Your comp was working fine a few days ago? Did you download any new software or maybe even a virus? If you downloaded new software, i'm just wondering if that corrupted something... you could try using Restore to restore your computer to lask known setting (before the problem started)

  Embezzler 23:55 24 Apr 2003

lask = last

  freakbrothers 00:06 25 Apr 2003

Nah, my brother isnt like that.
Whenever I go over to my mums house, I download the security updates etc on his PC.

No recent programs have been installed.
My brother had loads of movies and put them on his hard drive, and has not really downloaded many MP3's, or movies etc.

The mojority of his data is his music, as he has his own mini studio.

I still gotta feeling it has something to do with the verification of WinXP.
Ive noticed while a programs gives an error box, a small v sign appears in the bottom right hand corner.
Win XP uses verisign for product identification.
I know that Win XP uses a points system and each hardware item is 'digitally stamped', so control of multiple copies of the OS cant be used.
I think because we have installed the OS so many times, it may think that we have a fake copy or something.....

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