Win XP Pro - Scheduled Tasks

  Marky_Bhoy 22:59 01 Feb 2004

Is it possible to schedule a task for Win XP pro to switch itself on and off.

I was hoping to use my PC as an alarm clock etc. I can't leave my PC on all of the time because it is too noisy.

And if it is possible can I scheduled a task that will open up IE and go to a specific URL (for instance launch the bbc radio player).

  leo49 23:06 01 Feb 2004

Is it any wonder that some PCs throw wobblies every now and again? Brain the size of a planet,more power than got men to the Moon, and you want it to be a clockradio. :o)

  Marky_Bhoy 23:34 01 Feb 2004

I gave an example of a clock radio just to give people an idea of what I want to do.

I intend to do more.

So leo49, you want to give me a solution?

  kev.Ifty 23:34 01 Feb 2004

even buzz and co had to know what time to leave!
Who would be daft enough to want to turn there pc in to _ _ _ anything ? DVD player,CD player, video game machine, you name it asomebdy is going to try it. But never an alarm here
no never.......... click here
oh well. Let us know how you get on Marky_Bhoy and fair play to ya cheers:~}

  leo49 23:38 01 Feb 2004

"I intend to do more"

Turn on the Teasmade and toaster,perhaps? :o)

  kev.Ifty 23:59 01 Feb 2004

would that be a gobblin' teas maid or am i thinking about something totally different.......PS i hope you did not take my last post the wrong way. My view would be why pay £XXX for a pc and then have to buy a dam clock. Just thought, my phone has an alarm, my radio and my telly so why not my pc cheers Kev:~}

  Marky_Bhoy 00:26 02 Feb 2004

Thank you kev.Ifty.

I kinda wish I never started this thread.

I think I'll end it now.

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