Win XP pro & drive addressing

  Rtus 22:39 21 Aug 2006

I couldnt think how to actally phrase the title. forgive me if its missleading .

However > Does anyone have any experiance with Xp In getting drives muddled up? Ive not come across this Before
I have a New system With a single drive set as master on IDE1 & windows insists on registering it as F: Not C: as expected. However add a slave drive to any Ide connector left & it calls that C: (even if its only formatted NTFS (no Os installed on it)

  DieSse 01:04 22 Aug 2006

Use Disk Management and you can change drive letters around.

BUT - If your Windows drive is F - then all you installed settings and programs know that - and if you tried to change it to C they would all be totally confused.

So - basically you're now stuck with it!

If you install another drive, it will normally select the first unused drive letter - which in your case is C - though that you can safely alter.

How it happened in the first place is impossible to answer at this late stage.

  Diversion 01:56 22 Aug 2006

It sounds like you've got the IDE cable connected the wrong way round; I think the master drive the C: drive should be connected to the first connector on the IDE cable and the slave or second drive when fitted to the connector at the end of the IDE cable.

  DieSse 10:49 22 Aug 2006

No, that's not correct. The rules are.

One drive on a cable - always put it on the end connector.

Two drives on a cable, set to Master and Slave - doesn't matter which is where.

Two drives on a cable. both set to Cable Select, the one at the end of the cable becomes Master, the one in the middle Slave.

Cable Select only works with 80-wire cables.

  Rtus 21:32 22 Aug 2006

Diversion. Sorry mate.No disrespect intended.Ive been around Motherboards far too long to get drive settings wrong. I know its a software issue however in the days of Pre Xp you could manipulate items a little easier.its agrevating to set it up add the O/S drive then other drives only to find its bootable drive isnt denoted as C: this is a brand new AM2mobo-2gb mem+AMD athl64 X2 4800+ setup/80w ide with maxtor 300gb drive attached as master,jumpered as master. Ive removed all drives & started afresh with another Hd twice,no matter how I set this drive up it still registers it as Bally F. I wondered if anyone else had any drive issues with similar problems. thanks ...

  DieSse 22:39 22 Aug 2006

OK - I didn't realise you were right at the front end of the installation, I thought this was a working system

I suggest

Look in the BIOS to cross check you've no SATA devices enabled (I don't think that should affect it, but worth a check)

At the same time check in the BIOS that your hard drive is showing up as the Primary Master.

Start the installation from scratch, and repartition, reformat - making sure that when you do so, drive is allocated as drive C

Check at the end as to what has happened.

I trust you are using NTFS as the file system.

It might also be worth running the MaxTor "clear to zeroes" on the drive first - this returns the drive to it's "as from the factory" and ensures the MBR has no odd things in it.

  Rtus 23:03 22 Aug 2006

NTFS = Yes ...PMax diagnostic used to to clear drive = yes ...Sata... That Indeed could be the Clue,It has a Plextor Sata DVD/RW drive=E: (which is the only optical input)I used it to put O/S on with .,didnt have spare Ide CDRW drive.But will try that with spare drive then clone it over later if it works.
Thanks for input

  Rtus 12:32 23 Aug 2006

removing the Sata drive & reinstalling the O/s using an IDE CDRW drive still gave F: as only option For O/S .I then restarted chose to delete partition > create partition. then gave a C: at last,, so now completeing system & other software needed .Then clone & put on original drive.perhaps theres a error in the Win Xp Disc as it gives same results on another system (F: instead of C:)If I use my other systems disc (older Xp)On the AM2 unit it formats/sets up as C: as expected

  Rtus 12:33 23 Aug 2006

Sorry Its not clear enough > meant creating /deleting carried out in set-up from Win XP disc menu.

  Rtus 13:27 23 Aug 2006

Sorted ....Thanks

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