Win XP Pro Connected as......

  Zeltine 11:46 03 Apr 2007

The issue that I currently have is...
Peer 2 Peer network mix of XP and 2000 Pro
2000 Pro machine was setup to store all user "my documents" allis working fine etc.
An XP Pro machine connects to the shared user area as an "administrator" account when I look in shared folders, sessions in computer management.
I would like to know how to change how this account so that it connects as the user rather than the Admin account.
I have tried disabling the admin account on the 2000 Pro machine to see if it prompts for a user account when trying to connect with the XP machine, but no joy....

Thanks in advance....

  CodenameCueball 11:54 03 Apr 2007

not shure if this would do it but, try going into control panel, user accounts find the name of the user account, and maybe, change thelevel from admin to limited account but make a second admin account so if anything goes wrong, you can fix it.

  Zeltine 12:00 03 Apr 2007

Sorry, did not explain very clearly.
The XP machine is setup as a limited account but when I initially setup the the XP machine I was prompted to connect as... with a Username and password, I used an Admin account from the 2000 Pro machine, I now wish to change the account that the XP machine connects with so that in shared folders, sessions in computer management. I can see who is actually connected instead of an Admin account. I hope that this makes sense!!!

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