Win XP PC - PC USB 2.0 Data Cable ?

  fpg 20:21 08 Feb 2004

Win XP supports PC - PC with serial and parallel crossover cables BUT I have a new USB 2.0 data link cable and cannot get it to work Is there an MS update to cover this or a workaround ?

  AubreyS 20:25 08 Feb 2004

Do you have SP1 (Service pack 1) installed?

  Earthworm 20:30 08 Feb 2004

rememmer your motherboard has to have USB 2 socket, if it has a socket it could be either USB 1.1 or 2.

1. have you switched on the USB drives in your BIOS

  fpg 21:55 08 Feb 2004

Yes the USB 2.0 is running OK on modern M-Board and SP1 is installed. Do yo know if SP1 updated the LAN PC - PC cables to incl USB ?

I am trying to link two Pentium 4 computers 0ne wth XP Pro and the other XP Home

  woodchip 22:00 08 Feb 2004

If it's a USB bridging cable it should work OK with the Drivers supplied if they are for your OS. You have to load the software on both computers

  fpg 23:19 08 Feb 2004

thanks woodchip - yes I did get software with the ATEN USB 2.0 data link cable but the steps it suggests do not match the XP screen. Seeing XP itself supports serial and parallel (so yesterday) I thought an update would cover USB ?

Have tried knowledge base without success.

  woodchip 16:04 09 Feb 2004

Look in Device Manager and I am sure you will find yellow mark's these are the XP drivers that are no good for your USB Bridge cable you should remove these markes then load the CD drivers you got with the Cable on Both Comps

  Gemma 16:21 09 Feb 2004

Do not attempt to connect two PC's with an A to A USB lead. See click here You need a bridge cable something like this click here

  anchor 17:11 09 Feb 2004

I assume this is your cable:

click here

If the installation of this is similar to the one mentioned by Gemma, (which I have), then the installation should run like this:

(1) Plug in the cable, when the PC will report new device found. click next. (2) When it says search for driver, tick search for best driver. click next. (3) Select specify location, browse, and select the source of the drivers you received with the cable. Check to see if there are different ones for various versions of Windows, and select the appropriate one for XP. (There should be an *.inf file there), click next. You should then get a message that the software has been installed. Click finish.

The install-shield wizard should then appear, and you just follow the simple procedure.

  fpg 18:48 11 Feb 2004

Gemma - it is a proper USB 2 datalink cable for PC-PC file transfers but 2 days of trying failed.
Anchor - you sound as if you have some practical experience so I will now follow your clear instructions and report back - thanks all. fpg

  woodchip 22:32 11 Feb 2004

As anchor that's how mine installed

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