Win XP and no disc

  EJ1947 10:48 15 Oct 2005

A friend has bought a PC from a dealer who has installed XP home OEM and there is a licence sticker on the case. Activation was completed using this licence satisfactory. The problem he may be faced with in future is re-installing. Could he use my genuine XP home OEM disc to restore his PC or would that upset microsoft policy.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 15 Oct 2005

Could he use my genuine XP home OEM disc to restore his PC or would that upset microsoft policy.

Yes its ok as long as he uses the product number on his own sticker

  EJ1947 10:57 15 Oct 2005

Thanks for that, it will be re-assuring should the worst happen. Can't get to grips with microsofts XP rules.

  Graham ® 11:01 15 Oct 2005

I bought an Acer PC from Ebuyer, no disc despite the spec saying 'Recovery Disk'.

After many emails, phone calls and letters, Acer eventually sent what was obviously a 'copy' of a disk, complete with hand-written description on the CD.

  Stuartli 12:21 15 Oct 2005

If you read this link:

click here

it may prove of use.

You might have to copy your i386 folder to his system if it is not already on.

  DieSse 13:08 15 Oct 2005

If he's got the licence sticker on his case, he should have the CD also - the sticker and CD come together - and assuming he's bought XP, then he would normally be entitled to the CD and booklet (they all come together in the OEM version that dealers buy.)

  961 13:28 15 Oct 2005

I agree. But in practise many dealers charge extra for the disk or don't provide it at all

I seem to remember that Time used to ask a mere £60 for the disk

  Stuartli 13:37 15 Oct 2005

When I bought a Mesh system on behalf of an elderly friend a couple of years ago, a recovery disk was supplied and the licence label was on the case.

  Skeletor 13:46 15 Oct 2005

If in doubt create an image as backup using something like Acronis TrueImage. PC mags often give it away on their cover disc. As long as he only uses it on his PC he shouldn't be breaking any Laws/Rules.


  EJ1947 13:52 15 Oct 2005

Thanks for all the advice. The immage idea would be a good safeguard but if what Fruit Bat says would work I will use this as a basis for re-installing. Seems even dealers mis interprit MS differently.

  DieSse 16:56 15 Oct 2005

There's a big difference between a small or local dealer, and big boys. They buy in different ways on different terms. Until very recently I was buying OEM WinXP as a small system builder. What One buys is a pack (one or several) of sealed packages containing a CD, a licence sticker, and a booklet. It is expaected that the whole pack will be provided to the customer (after all this is their recovery mechanism) and the sticker attached to their case.

Large manufacturers do not buy in this way - they get license stickers without CDs, and they install in bulk, and are excpected to provide a recovery mechanism - this may be a CD which includes more than WinXP, and/or a partition on the hard drive.

I strongly recommend that you approach the dealer and ask where the CD is - all my customers have theirs - but they might have simply forgotten this one (I did once, so it's not impossible!).

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