Win XP to Linux network filesharing

  Robkenbat 16:36 07 Feb 2004

I've set up a PC with Mandrake Linux 9.2. It's networked to Win XP pcs and they ping each other okay. Have installed Samba on Linux PC and its configured okay. Now want to share files. Documentation very thin on the ground here. Anyone know step by step guide on getting files over to linux PC from an Win XP PC?? Over the network of course!!

  bremner 16:59 07 Feb 2004

I know nothing about Samba but found this that might help click here

  powerless 17:45 07 Feb 2004

I thought I would try it...

I did it within 10 minutes *pats himself on the back*

Click "K", Configuration, Configure Your Computer, Enter the root password.

Click "Mounts Points", Set up
File sharing on your hard disk partitions.

Let it load.

Choose "Custom" and now click OK. Then click "Launch userdrake"

Now I did not write down what happened here. But I had to let it install a few packages from CD 1 and 2. I also has to select a user group i think!! This should be the same as Work group on XP.*You might have already dome this*

Then in the konqueror (the web browser) in the address bar type:


It should find your workgroup name, then your XP's computer name and then your shared folder or drives on the XP computer

All i clicked in the configure your computer was "Mount points" - Samba mount points and Set up
File sharing on your hard disk partitions.

Alot easier than it looks!

Trouble is XP cannot find Linux :-( but Linux can find XP :-)

  Robkenbat 17:58 07 Feb 2004


I'll try these solutions out.

  Chegs © 19:13 07 Feb 2004

for reference,thanks Powerless.

  Robkenbat 22:55 07 Feb 2004

It Works!

I'm now sharing files with Windows XP PCs - great!

Thanks a million.

It worked out fine. I was nealy there. It was just the last few clicks.

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