Win XP Installation Problems

  Rossingul 11:20 30 Mar 2008

Hi All,

I have a Dell Inspiron 5150, bought in 2003, with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU (3.0Ghz), ASUS motherboard, 1GB Ram DDR2, Nvida GeForce 7600GT graphics card, DVDRW Nec drive, 400W PSU,a card reader and thats about it.

Basically, 2 weeks ago, was playing a game, I ended the game, and shutdown the computer normally. Started it up a few hours later, and I got a message 'Unmountable boot volume'. Did some research into this, seemed like it was a problem with the hard drive (120gb Barracuda SATA), and there were 2 options, put in WinXP disc, and then push F8, then r, type Chkdsk, and the other was to get a new hard drive. I tried the former, but my disc would not read, went into the setup and changed the sequence to no avail. Read further into the problem, apparently my hard drive was failing. Gave it a go a couple more times, and one of the times, it read the disk, so I tried the chkdsk, and it said it was unable to. But then when I tried again, with the disk, I went to boot from the disk, but it said /i386/biosinfo.inf is missing, cannot continue, push any key to cancel, thus it cancelled, and then did this since.

I bought a new hard disk 2 days ago, (160GB SATA). I removed the old disk, replaced with the new one, then tried to install Windows, all was going well, but then at about 6%, 18% 54% and 82%, there were multiple problems. It said that there were files missing and that could not be found, thus scan for them again, cancel, or continue on without them. I tried scanning, but did not find them, so I went on. One of the files missing was browseui.dll. Installation completed, and just as you met the welcome screen, it said re-installation would be needed, as Browseui.dll was missing. When restarted and me trying to read the disk again the computer went back to /i386/biosinfo.inf is missing.

Basically since last night, I hooked up the new hard disk to another computer, and accessed it, and manually downloaded biosinfo.inf and browseui.dll, and put them in their correct places.

I put the new hard disk back in the computer, started it up, and to the windows screen, and then it loaded to the desktop, but now just halted with the default background, the mouse moves, and the colour is in 16bit I think. It just goes no further. (The WinXP disk was removed).

I am now completley stumped as what to do, as I cannot find any articles on the web that describe my problem.

Thanks, in advance for those that read and help my problem.

  Rossingul 11:24 30 Mar 2008

Forgot to mention, that I have tried to access the old hard disk on my other computer, but it says that it is 'unavaliable' at the moment. I also do not want to format it as I have photos and other things on there from holidays, that I really should have put on another computer, are there other ways of getting these back?

Thanks, Alex.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 30 Mar 2008

"tried to install Windows, all was going well, but then at about 6%, 18% 54% and 82%, there were multiple problems."

This is your CD drive not reading the XP CD very well, dirty CD or dirty drive.
Clean disk and retry, use a lens cleaner in the drive or install from another drive.

If you can acees the cd drive from windows on your new disc try:
start - run - type
sfc /scannow
- press ok
follow the prompts as it will try and replace missing or corrupt windows files.

"colour is in 16bit I think. It just goes no further. (The WinXP disk was removed)."

you need to load the motherboard drivers and graphics drivers.

  CodenameCueball 12:44 30 Mar 2008

Im not too sure. are you using the disk that came with your dell. if so, im sure th

  howard64 12:48 30 Mar 2008

when you have a good working pc again you can try various things to get the stuff off your old drive. One thing than I have used in the past was the freezer trick. Prepare your working drive with a folder for your stuff. Put the old drive in a sealed plastic bag and leave in the freezer over night. Get ready remove the drive from the bag - plug it in and when the pc starts if it can see the old drive select and copy off what you can as quickly as you can.

  ambra4 12:51 30 Mar 2008

“At about 6%, 18% 54% and 82%, there were multiple problems”

XP CD is faulty try cleaning it with a good disk cleaner as drive cannot read the cd at those sections and will not load windows property if cleaning still will not load windows you will need to get a new cd

“You cannot bypass the section and than install the file”

“To access the old hard disk”

You need to install it as a slave drive on a pc and copy your files to a cd or the master hard drive in the pc once you can access the drive

You cannot just install a hard drive with an OS on a difference pc and expect it to work it will only work if the pc have the same motherboard and CPU

The CPU on the motherboard is looking for the correct information from the hard drive motherboard drivers etc and other information in the OS

“I have tried to access the old hard disk on my other computer, but it says that it is 'unavailable' at the moment”

If set up as a slave and you still cannot access the drive, the disk is kaput (dead)

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