Win XP - IE7 will not run

  FCD 09:40 03 Jan 2011

I am running a C2D system with an early version of XP which I have updated through SP1,SP2 and SP3. I recently installed a small programme which I found requires IE versions greater than 6 - which is the version I have always had installed. So I downloaded IE7 and installed it over IE6. It installed as expected but when I try to open IE7 - either using the shorcut or the main .exe file - nothing happens. IE does not load nor does Task Manager show any indications of IE attempting to run.

I have been trying to fix this for 2 days and found many references to XP3/IE7 problems on the internet and in this helproom but none which match my symptoms. I have uninstalled/reinstalled several times; I have also removed Win XP SP3, I have tried in safe mode etc etc - all with no change. Very odd as as soon as I uninstall IE7, the system reverts to IE6 working perfectly!!

One thing I noticed. When I install IE7, if I try to run it before I restart - it appears to run ok. Similarly I have "Internet Options" in the Control Panel. After I restart, IE7 will not load and there is no "Internet Options" selection in Control Pane although the Internet Explorer folder remains in C:/Programmes?l.

Very grateful if anyone has anyexperience of this frustrating problem.

John R

  Terry Brown 09:50 03 Jan 2011

Try loading an alternative browser like FIrefox.


  howard64 09:51 03 Jan 2011

try going to IE8 and see what happens it appears more stable on my xp sp3 older pc

  bremner 09:52 03 Jan 2011

Upgrade to IE8 and see if that fixes the problem click here

  FCD 18:57 03 Jan 2011

Many thanks for everyone's help.

1. I already have Firefox installed {I have used it for over a year as it is faster and simpler - and I also use it on a separate MAC for similar reasons}.

2. Now installed IE8 - instalation ok but still problems - if different:

a. IE8 installs ok and after restart I have Internet Options in Control Panel

b. My programme requiring IE7+ now runs ok {the original reason why I started this search}

c. BUT when I try to start IE8, I get a flash of a window with an initial IE8 process in Task Manager, then everything shuts down.

This problem is well publicised on the internet but with no common resolution - and none that works on my system {safe mode, no add-ons, reset, click on the icon many times etc etc all with no change} - my IE 8 totally refuses to start.

So, at least my original problem {the new programme requiring IE7+ for graphics display} is resolved but I have the bit between my teeth and would love find out how to get IE8 running properly in Win XP.

So v grateful for any other ideas.

John R

  birdface 19:51 03 Jan 2011

Run the fix it on this and see if it makes any difference.

click here

You may have to go to add-ons after running it and enable some of your add-ons.
The same with Spywareblaster if you use it.Enable protection with that.

  FCD 22:08 03 Jan 2011

Many thanks but I had tried that already with no success. Guess I will just keep searching.

John R

  birdface 23:05 03 Jan 2011

Ok just twigged what the problem may be.Have you got any program like Winpatrol Spywareblaster set to stop anything from changing your home page or browser.
Mabe make sure Under Internet Options.Programs.Internet Explorer is set to default Web browser.

  FCD 10:00 04 Jan 2011

Again thanks for the help. My only security programme is AVG. Just to make sure, I have uninstalled AVG {and Firefox in case that was interfering} but with no change.

Whenever I try to start IE8 I see a flash of an empty window opening and closing and the IE8 process shuts down completely - this in either Win XP normal or safe mode.

Can only think that its my early version of Win Xp - although this particular installation is very clean and only a year old ........?

  howard64 09:45 07 Jan 2011

this reminds me of something from a few years ago. Try uninstalling IE8 then reboot to safe mode. Install IE8 using safe mode - this could sort the problem.

  FCD 12:46 07 Jan 2011

Many thanks but I have tried the Safe Mode approach. Now been working for two days with an MS MVP on one of the MS help forums. So far we seem to have tried everything except a full reinstall of Windows - all with no success!

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