Win Xp Home and reformat

  Fatbelly 20:46 04 May 2003

Hi everyone

I have being using Win XP Home on my PC for about 14 months now and lately I have been noticing that everything is starting to slow down.
Whenever this would happen on Win98SE I would reformat my HD and then reinstall everything fresh.

This would always speed things up for about 6 months. My question is this has anyone done a reformat with XP Home? How easy is it? what are the pitfalls? and finally will it have the same impact on my system as reformatting 98SE did.

Many Thanks Fatbelly.
PS I have a virus checker and regularly update

  powerless 20:51 04 May 2003

Update: Remove this update Q811493 from add/Remove via the control Panel, this will slow your PC. Try this first and see if things get any any here

Then if you still want to reformat post back. But try the above first. I did have the update installed and noticed a slowdown when it was remove things improved.

  Fatbelly 21:03 04 May 2003


I was about to do as you said but Windows said to me that AVG Anti Virus and Outlook Express update may not work correctly if I remove the date q811493.

Both of these programs have been installed after update Q811493 was installed.
What should I do?

  powerless 21:25 04 May 2003

A system restore point will be created if you remove this update so if anything does happen you can use system restore.

I did not have the message that you have, my update was jut removed.

Remove the update - If nothing happens with OE and AVG then hopefully speed will imprive.

Remove the update - Problems with OE and AVG are encountered, use system resore.

Or Format.

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