Win XP drops dial connx up when swapping user

  JohnS 08:19 18 Apr 2003

When I do a 'Windows key' 'L' and change user, the dial up connection is dropped. Is this a MS 'facility' or is there a setting to change it please?

John S

  hgrock 10:02 18 Apr 2003

I had a similar problem the problem was only the administratot has access to the internet, i had to then go to each user and log them in using the same username as the admin and the admin's password, then all was sweet, but each user must log in when you switch the same connection would not carry through to other useers

  JohnS 08:14 27 Apr 2003

Thanks for this - not keen on giving admin rights to all and as I just ordered BT broadband, I will see what problems that gives me when it arrives.


  MAJ 10:38 27 Apr 2003

It is possible to keep the connection alive when switching users, JohnS, it means making a change in the registry, but if you're comfortable with that, Start the Registry editor by going to Start > Run, type in, "regedit" (without the quotes), click OK and navigate using the little + signs to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

click on that "Winlogon" folder in the left-hand pane, it's contents will appear in the right-hand pane. Look for an entry named "KeepRasConnections" and set it's value to 1 (instead of 0) by double clicking it and entering 1, click OK. If there is no entry called "KeepRasConnections" then create an entry by going to Edit > New > String Value and typing, "KeepRasConnections" (without the quotes). Exit the registry and reboot your computer and the changes should take effect.

As you're editing your registry, you MUST back it up first.

  JohnS 22:34 27 Apr 2003

Thanks - What is the quickest way of backing up the registry - I've read that as soon as you make changes to registry, they take immediate effect so fully understand the reason.


  MAJ 23:48 27 Apr 2003

When you get the Registry Editor come up, JohnS, click on "My Computer" in the left-hand pane and go to File > Export. That will export a .reg file to where you choose (usually my documents). If things go wrong you right click that .reg file and choose Merge that will restore it. Clicking on the "My Computer" entry backs up the whole registry, you can click on the branch you are working on to just back up that branch.

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