win xp disk authenticty

  jon2 15:57 02 Mar 2013

I was hoping to reload my win xp but when I come to the part where you have to put in the authenticty No. the one I have thats on the machine is not long enought, its only 14 digits long, and of course the software refuse's it, any idea's.

  Jollyjohn 17:35 02 Mar 2013

Google for "magic jelly bean" and "Produkey" - these are both programs that will recover the 25 digit key from a windows installation.

If the XP installation you were trying to reload will still boot then Jelly bean will work.

If the installation won't boot then use Produkey, installed on another pc and attach the hard drive as a slave or via a caddy and it will recover the key.

  Taff™ 18:18 02 Mar 2013

The 14 digit one you are using is just above the barcode and consists of just numbers. (Right?)

Underneath the barcode on an XP Authentication Label it should state "Product Key" which is followed by 5 groups of Five letters & Numbers each seperated with a dash.

If this has been wiped out use the method above from Jollyjohn. (It usually happens on a laptop which people have used on their laps! Never do it! They are Notebooks, not laptops - Rant over!)

  jon2 10:11 03 Mar 2013

the numbers I have are 00043-466-404-093 these are on the sticker that is put on the machine when assembled, it states that this is required to be put on the machine.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:30 03 Mar 2013

"the numbers I have are 00043-466-404-093 these are on the sticker........."

Hi Jon

I think you're trying to type in the wrong code. Have a look at the example here and note that you need to be using the alphanumeric "Product Key" (between the two bar codes).

  Chronos the 2nd 10:32 03 Mar 2013

The numbers you have are not the product key. Use Magical Jelly Bean to find your product key. As Taff has said they are 5 groups of Five letters & Numbers each seperated with a dash.

  Taff™ 10:33 03 Mar 2013

As I said, Not the right thing - it's all numbers. There are varios different styles of product key authentication. Here's just one Example You can see part of the actual product key in this link. There must be one on your sticker unless it has been removed.

  lotvic 12:45 03 Mar 2013

jon2, And DO NOT post your 25 alphanumeric product key on here for all the world to see or you may find Microsoft will block it and your XP will become not genuine (because thousands of others will have copied, used it and tried to activate it)

  jon2 09:11 04 Mar 2013

when I find the product key I will not post it on here, many thanks for all your comments

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