Win XP Dell Dim4300 PC .. Max Memory

  JimButler 13:34 29 Apr 2005

Hello any techeads, I was looking to increase my mem on this system. Specs say max RAM is 512MB.
This is a 4 year old PC ( Pent4 .)It has 2 mem slots addressed as 1 bank. Why would there be a 512MB limit rather than 2 GB ( 2 x 1GB Modules ). I have been advised ( by Dell ) that the system ( don`t know if this means OS or the harware config. ) will not RECOGNISE more than 512MB although I could physically have 2GB installed. Can anyone offer explanation please ? ... I actually want to upgrade to 1GB if at all possible. My cynical nature tells me that it is possibly in the PC providers interest to state that your particular system has reached its upgrade limit.

  scotty 13:48 29 Apr 2005

Go to and use their wizard. This claims Dimension 4300 can take 1024MB. Other consideration is any limit imposed by the operating system. I think Win98 is limited to 512MB.

  scotty 13:50 29 Apr 2005

Crucial also list a 4300S which has a limit of 512MB.

  JimButler 16:00 29 Apr 2005

Ta for response but it confuses me even more.
I would imagine 4300S to be an upgrade of some sort on the 4300. It is therefore unlikely that the details on are correct ie the 4300 can take a max of 1GB and the 4300S half of that. At any rate my question is, What limits the max value ? Is it a registry entry for example ?
Is it something BIOS related ? .. if so does a BIOS update increase the supposed max ?

  dan11 16:07 29 Apr 2005

" I have been advised ( by Dell ) that the system ( don`t know if this means OS or the harware config. ) will not RECOGNISE more than 512MB "

That would indicate that you are using either windows 98 or Millenium. If you were to use Windows XP, then it MAY take the full 2 gig.

  dan11 16:10 29 Apr 2005

Sorry, Just re-read the title.~~~((

Was the computer supplied with 98 or M.E. and you have upgraded. Or has it always had XP.

  bremner 16:11 29 Apr 2005

The limitation on RAM is set by the chipset on the motherboard.

Here it also says the 4300 can take 1024MB click here

and click here confirms the 4300S only takes 512MB

  dan11 16:19 29 Apr 2005

Strange. Dell say 512Mb. click here

Crucial say 1 gig click here

  rawprawn 16:29 29 Apr 2005

I have a Dell 4300, and in the hand book it say's "You can increase your computer memory by installing memory modules on the system board" However the under "Memory" it says that 512 mb is maximum. So you could have 64, 128, 256, and a maximum of 512mb. I would not risk it unless the 4300S is a higher spec and an upgrade from the 4300.

  JimButler 15:58 10 May 2005

For any interested parties. A DELL technician ( yes I actually managed to talk 1 to 1 with a real person ! ) stated that the 4300 can take a max of 2 x 512MB mods ( 1GB of RAM ). This info conflicts with Dell`s online tech info but concurs with my original documentation supplied with system ( which I had mislaid until recently ). Ta for any contributions and hope this closing entry is of use to anyone else querying this same issue.

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