Win Vista on HP Pavillion shuts dowwn randomly

  Podracer 20:52 25 Aug 2009

I have a fairly new HP Pavilion 9255 with two 500GB discs, 3GB of RAM and a separate graphics card; it is still under warranty, but the problem has not been solved yet.

It has had a hard disc replaced under warranty some months ago, and then it had the motherboard replaced under warranty; this latter replacement was done because the display would suddenly go blank and not recover till it cooled (my initial diagnosis was a faulty graphics card, but the problem still occured when we by-passed the graphics card and used the on-board graphics).

After the computer was sent to HP, and was returned with new motherboard, it started to randomly shut down, with no apparent cause (no fancy software or heavy programs etc) and random intervals, approximately once a day. The PC simply stops working, turns itself off, and then re-boots immediately. There is no pattern to this; it tends to happen when the computer has been on for a couple of hours. No warning, no screen messages, no flashing lights etc.

The HP support helpline recommended re-installing the software after the new mother board was installed; I did this, but the problem still remains.

Any other thoughts? A possibility that occured to me was that it was getting too hot. My comment to that is that the computer is in the same location as it has been since new, it is not particularly warm , the computer is well ventilated, and is using a basic office program - not fancy gaming with heavy graphics etc. Perhaps when the new mother board was installed, the cooling/heatsink was not properly replaced .....? But, then, why does the computer always re-start immediately? It hasn't had time to cool down...... so maybe not a heat problems?

Although the PC is still under warranty, the technicians in South Africa don't seem to be able to help, and if it does get returned to HP again, it would need to be run for several hours, and looked at constantly to see the symptoms; I am not sure if they could sort the problem that way.

Any comments or advice would be very gratefully received; I'll buy anyone a beer (or several!) who can solve it !!

  woodchip 20:59 25 Aug 2009

Sounds like a Memory Fault or it Could be PSU fault, but my bet is on Memory. if it as two sticks in it try it with just one at a time

  Woolwell 21:01 25 Aug 2009

Agree woodchip - I had a similar problem with a Vista PC (not HP) with 4 Gb memory, one stick was faulty.

  Podracer 20:34 04 Oct 2009

Woodchip and Woolwell - sorry guys, no pints yet. I have disconencted memory modules one at time, and it still crashes randomly - worked for several days with no problem, and then might crash five times in a day....... It went back to the HP repair centre, and they have replaced both hard discs, both memory modules, and it has been back a week now, and touch wood, it has not crashed yet....... so maybe memory (but not sure) or hard disc problemss........... HP can't tell me what the problem is/was - all they did was to use a blunt instrument and replace a total of four components. But, very many thanks anyway.

  woodchip 21:10 04 Oct 2009

As it's a new PC you should not have to sort a Hardware Problem. Take it back and get it done under Warranty. Also tell them you have had enough of the PC, and that you want it putting right or your money back. This comes under not fit for purpose Good Act

  woodchip 22:47 04 Oct 2009

You should have kept a log of all the Problems and not say you have done this that and the other. Get them to sort it out. It comes under Consumer Protection Laws

  sharpamat 18:59 05 Oct 2009

The mention of S Africa Was this system purchased there? or do you reside there ? I ask because they may well have different consumer Laws.

I agree warranty Is the correct path but prior to retuning the unit run a full hardware diagnostic test
click here

Print the results and send a copy with / if any errors to HP once they say the problem is cured rerun the test and compair

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