Win Updates and Firefox.

  muddypaws 18:23 13 May 2009

Win XP Home SP2.
I have just ( apparently) d/loaded the latest updates.
As this is the first update since I started using FF I went to Contro Panel/ System and selected
'Download but don't install'.
The yellow shield showed the progress to 100% and then vanished.
Question: Where are they on my PC? As I can't find them and can't d/load again by the same method.

  Stuartli 18:33 13 May 2009

If you have downloaded yesterday's Updates (I also use Firefox), when you Shut Down your system, the Shut Down panel will state: Install Updates and Shut Down.

Click OK.

  muddypaws 18:39 13 May 2009

Thanks I will wait and see on Boot up tomorrow.
Does it give a preview of the updates at that point?
Wont go into it here, but my IE7 went belly up a month back, hence now FF and I can't open IE for updates.

  Stuartli 18:49 13 May 2009

It won't Say Install Updates and Shut Down if the Updates are not available...:-)

I have WindowsUpdate configured, as I presume you have, to Notify Me of Updates but don't Download Them.

I can then open the panel containing information on the updates and whether any are required. If they are, I tick the relevant box(es) and then OK.

After that I tick the box in a new panel which appears to confirm not to be notified of the unwanted updates in future.

  muddypaws 18:56 13 May 2009

Yes that is how I always had mine set up, but it doesn't seem possible with FF. My end at least.
If I select start/all progs/Windows updates the IE window opens and crashes, due to my IE problem.
Is there a way?

  lotvic 19:33 13 May 2009

?? eerrr, you don't need a browser to download the updates unless you are doing them manually.

I also have mine same as Stuartli's (Notify Me of Updates but don't Download Them) and was notified and chose which I wanted and d/led today's updates.
As I had been having my tea I had left pc without a browser open. The notification was waiting for me when I got back.
Then I chose which to install when the popup notification that they were ready to install popped up. (I can't choose when to install, have to wait for popup from Sys Tray Yellow sheild icon (near clock) that does it when it wants to)

I also have FF set as my default browser. I didn't open FF until after the install had finished.

  Stuartli 19:44 13 May 2009

Configuration of WindowsUpdate is done from the Security Center (you may have to use the Run box>msconfig>OK>Tools tab>Security Center now to find it).

It doesn't matter if you are using IE or Firefox as lotvic rightly points out, as the yellow icon appears in the Notification tray.

  iscanut 19:56 13 May 2009

Do you Have Windows Defender installed ? If so, then that is probably the cause as once it updates its definitions, the yellow shield goes but you are not advised as to what has happened ! Nothing to do with IE or Firefox being used.

  Stuartli 20:03 13 May 2009

These are yesterday's Updates:

click here

  muddypaws 20:28 13 May 2009

Don't have WD.

I know about the Security Centre. Thanks anyway.
I have just opened it up and clicked on 'Check for latest updates' and page doesn't open.
Thanks for link. Will check it out if 'shutdown' doesn't reveal anything.

  muddypaws 20:46 13 May 2009

Just tested the Start/Turn off and the updates are there to be installed. So if all else fails I can d/load and install that way in future.

I have always done it that way before via the 'Custom' option, but the shield didn't want to work this time although it showed the progress once I started the d/load via System.
Anyway problem sorted one way or another. I will investigate further.
Will leave open for a while.

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