Win TV & media Centre

  nikki2007 16:47 11 Feb 2008

Hi I have a Win TV Nova T-Stick and can't get Vista Windows Media Centre to recognise it. I have down loaded the virtual CD and installed drivers from... click here
However when I go to set up TV of Media Centre I get the message that no TV card found.
Any ideas appreciated - Thanks

  john bunyan 16:54 11 Feb 2008

Had Same problem. If you are using XP and IE7, and have done usual updates, go to MS update site, look for optional updates for MCE machines as these are not automatic on the usual update, install Framework files and others reccomended. Took me ages to find this out. Hope it works! I had a Happuage tuner and theie Tech phone line was helpful - a call to Nova may help. Good luck!

  john bunyan 16:58 11 Feb 2008

Sorry . I see you are on Vista, but I suspect the same applies ie you have to install the updates for MCE machines as an extra to the auto process.

  nikki2007 16:02 15 Feb 2008

Finally got Vista MCE to recognise that a TV Card is present...but now when scanning for channels within 2 seconds I get the message..."No services were found, make sure TV signal is properly connected to PC" The same tv card has picked up channels on a different PC. Any ideas?

  Technotiger 16:14 15 Feb 2008

If you are only using the supplied tiny TV Aerial, the positioning of that aerial is crucial - just a few inches in any direction can make all the difference. The TV stick works better if connected to your normal roof aerial.

  nikki2007 16:16 15 Feb 2008

I am just using the tiny aerial. But I don't understand how on one PC the aerial can at least pick up a few channels but on this PC the scan process doesn't get past 0% and picks up no signal

  Technotiger 16:25 15 Feb 2008

News24 as seen on my PC a few minutes ago ...

[URL=click here][IMG]

Try your rooftop aerial .....

  nikki2007 16:26 15 Feb 2008

I have the winTV nova t stick

  john bunyan 16:28 15 Feb 2008

I think you would have better results with a proper high gain aerial as for a digital tv.

  Technotiger 16:32 15 Feb 2008

Scroll down and you will see that a rooftop aerial is recommended!

click here

  nikki2007 16:35 15 Feb 2008

but that still doesn't explain why the same device used in the same location on a different machine picks up channels? I think there is a scanning issue because this normally takes longer then 2 seconds, but thanks anyway

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