Win. Reports 2 Different Used Space Figures

  Reece-1705 18:35 02 Aug 2007


I am running wikdows XP on a six month old HP Compaq Laptop. I have 1 GB or Ram and an 80GB Hard-drive.

When i right click the c: drive in my computer windows reports that i have used 19.4GB of space on my hard drive.

When i highlight all of the files and folders on my c: drive (including the hidden ones) and select properties, windows reports that i have only used 12.9GB.

Why do these figures not match and why is there such a difference between the two figures?

Any help would be appreciated.

Apologies for the Abbreviation in the title, I ran out of room in the box.

  brundle 18:41 02 Aug 2007

There are still plenty of system files that you won't see. Use something like Spacemonger if it bothers you; click here

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