Win Media9

  LadySpudz 14:27 18 Jul 2003

MP3's play fine, sound terrific when I use MMJB, but when the same files are played through MediaPlayer the sound is low to VERY low.

I've messed about with the controls in WM but can't seem to find what the problem is. Would like to use WM more, but not if I can't hear my music! Abd yes, went the simple route too and checked the volume setting, lol.

Something I should be checking somewhere?


  crx1600 15:45 18 Jul 2003

WMP9 has its own volume control(the slider at the bottom)

there are also some other settings, under 'now playing/enhancements' enable the 'srs-wow effects', set to 'large speaker', crank up a few sliders on the 'graphic equaliser' and check to see if 'quiet-mode' is disabled.

also check the volume control for wave/mp3 in your audio settings.

im not sure if your 'simple route' refers to the WMP controls or your audio settings in control panel, so have mentioned both.

  LadySpudz 09:37 19 Jul 2003

Thanks!! Not sure which of the settings in WM made the difference, but sounds great now!

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