Win Media Player mp3 ripper problems!

  edwardajames 21:58 29 Jan 2006

I have never had any problems with Windows Media Player as regards ripping music from my cds before, but it has suddenly started refusing to rip music in mp3 format at all.

It will allow me to rip in wma format, and then I can convert them over to mp3, but that is tedious, and time consuming.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on why this might be, and how I might be able to fix it.

I know there are those mp3 creating plugins you can obtain from microsoft, but I have never needed them before, and I don't see why I should now.

Can anyone help?



  edwardajames 22:20 29 Jan 2006

Um - no worries. I fixed it. Good site here though!

  Totally-braindead 22:58 29 Jan 2006

That was quick and no help needed either. Please click the thread as resolved and tell us what it was that was wrong. This is just so that others can do a search on previous threads and see what solved it for others.

  edwardajames 13:32 30 Jan 2006

The problem was actually of my own doing.

For some reason there is a registry entry that prevents windows media from ripping mp3s in 128 bit mode. I eventually found out that it worked fine again when I changed the bitrate back up to a higher one.

To fix this - anyone who wants to rip in 128bitrate to save space on their hard drive - Go to Start---Run----type 'regedit'. When the interface comes up, go to this directory:


Then, to remove the block, delete the registry entry that is named 'lowratesample' Be careful you are not deleting the wrong one, do not delete the 'lowrate' one.

Hope that helps anyone else who was frustrated by not being able to rip on 128kb/s.

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