Win Media Player fault ??

  Cesare 14:07 01 Nov 2006

I copied an audio disk with Roxio which caused Windows Media Player 10 not to be able to play audio disks any more from my DVD/CD-RW drive.

Audio CDs play OK when I use Media Player Classic, so my D drive must be OK.
Windows Media Player plays audio files already on the computer but not from 'D'

The disk made by Roxio which I copied, does not play when tried on my separate DVD player.

Any suggestions please ? Thanks.

  RicScott 14:13 01 Nov 2006

What format are you burning the audio tracks as??

As for the media player issue, try uninstalling and downloading and installing it again..

  anskyber 14:16 01 Nov 2006

Try choosing start, my computer, right click the D drive properties and select the autoplay tab. Choose media player for music files, videao files etc.

  Cesare 14:24 01 Nov 2006


I am new in this. Disk Recording speed 48X; Audio Extract 18X I think.

  Cesare 14:28 01 Nov 2006

anskyber... Tried your suggestion. I still get a strong mush instead of music.

  RicScott 14:29 01 Nov 2006

When did it first happen?? recently?

  RicScott 14:33 01 Nov 2006

click here
and follow the info..It might be best to print off the information..

  Cesare 14:52 01 Nov 2006

Tried System Restore from 0900 this morning but the problem still persists.

  RicScott 14:58 01 Nov 2006

issue only started today??

Have you tried going back a bit further??
Have you installed any other new software recently?

  Cesare 15:53 01 Nov 2006

Issue started only an hour before I posted my first thread and after I was supposed to have copied the audio CD by Roxio. I have not installed any other software. I will now try uninstalling WMP and reinstalling.

  Totally-braindead 16:00 01 Nov 2006

Try system restore first as suggested.

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