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  Furkin 07:37 14 Jun 2009

Hi folks,
I was trying to 'update' some of the album images in my library. Most of the missing images are because the cd titles are vague etc, which I understand (or not - I would have thought that the program would know what the cd's are & bring up the appropriate info,,,,)
but my problem is: when I right click on other CD's, I get to the 'update' page, & whilst the image of the cd is there,,,, it won't download to my library. Any idea why please ?

There is another CD that, in the 'update' window, has the wrong image. The listing info is correct, the image isn't - but even that image won't download (not that I want to download the wrong image, but it must fall in the above category.


  Kevscar1 08:53 14 Jun 2009

The program can only know whats been put in it's database. Have you any idea how many CD's are out there.
To give you some idea. Chcuk Berry info lists 233 CD's I'didn't bother to count how many they didn't have artwork on.

My music is genuine Rock N Roll. There is only info on about 40% of my albums.

I have also seen CD,s with Identical titles but by different artists which could lead to some errors

Can't help with update because mine doesn't work. Find info opens new window but nothing when I click update.
Try right clicking the pic, Do you get save as, if so save it to a folder on your desktop then copy and paste.

  Furkin 12:11 14 Jun 2009

Thanks Kevscar,

Yep, I accept that most of mine don't show an image in Look For,,,,, for the reasons that you state.

I downloaded about 10 images yesterday (first time i'd done it - I thought it was 'automatic' once logged on), so I guess that things are set up right and that i'm using things right,,,,
My problem is that a couple of them that DO have images, still won't download.


About a third of mine are also Rock'&'Roll,,, about a third are early 60's.
(did you get to the London R&R Festival in '72 ? Chuck Berry was on, as were Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee, Bill Haley etc)

thanks for the reply

  Furkin 18:19 14 Jun 2009

I just another snag,,,
I can't delete an image that pops up in the library.
I tried to do a 'multi' update, by highlighting 4 cd's, right click and Update files,,,,,
to my surprise, all 4 got the same image of Buddy Holly. "No probs" thought I, i'll just delete the images. But if you click on 'delete' it wants to delete the whole file/CD.
Have tried to RE update them individually, but they won't update now,,,, they still have Buddy Holly on 'em.
Any ideas folks ?


  Kevscar1 19:41 14 Jun 2009

No I saw him with Jerry Lee Lewis at Ceasers Palace Las Vegas in 2000. Absolutey fantastic night.
You know he performed live in London last year aged 82. I want some of what he's on.

  Kevscar1 19:48 14 Jun 2009

Can't get update to work on mine so been playong around. Open find info. You should get scroll down window of albums. Find the one you want and click on info. That opens a webpage with the picture top left corner, Right click and save to desktop. In desktop right click and copy. Then in WMP right click CD cover and choose paste album art.
Just tried it.

  Furkin 00:40 15 Jun 2009

cheers again Kevscar,
I managed to add the couple of images in the Media site etc,,,, & similarly got rid of the 'multi' Buddy Holly images.
There are many of mine without images,,, including - surprisingly - the Dreamboats & Pettycoats.

I envy you the Vegas trip,,,, mind you, i'm not sure if I want to see the 'greats' creakin'n'groaning at that age tho',,,,, (I should be so lucky !!)

We'v probably got a few L.P's in common.

I'll click this one as resolved.

all the best mate

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