Win ME not recognising DVD rewriter

  BlueVinney 09:45 17 Dec 2004

I want to replace an MSI CD burner with an NEC 3500A DVD burner but when I boot up the drive is not accessible. When I put the old device back then all is ok.

Both devices are are connected as master. I've also got a CD Rom as slave and have tried replacing that device but the same thing happens.

I've got 2 of the NEC drives and both give exactly the same symptoms so I can't think they were both faulty.

Any help in successfully installing would be appreciated.

  Graham ® 10:08 17 Dec 2004

Try setting both devices as CS (cable select). The new DVD may require an 80 wire connector.

  woodchip 10:29 17 Dec 2004

Go into Device Manager and remove the CD drive then reboot with the new drive connected

  woodchip 10:33 17 Dec 2004

If the above does not do it, Go into BIOS and try redetect the drive

  BlueVinney 10:52 17 Dec 2004

Thanks Graham and woodchip, I tried setting as cable select and it now recognises the drive!!

That gives 2 other problems.

Should the CD ROM on the same ribbon cable be set to Master, Slave or CSel?

I bought a copy of Nero 6 Suite 1 OEM to use on the new setup (I'd previously got Nero 5). This auto starts setup but then blows up, maybe because the actual and expected serial numbers do not match.

Any idea how I can get around this?

  woodchip 11:21 17 Dec 2004

If it's NERO OEM they are set to only work with the Drive they are sold with

  Graham ® 11:24 17 Dec 2004

CS should be fine. Normally a writer should be master and a reader slave, but if it works, leave it as it is.

  Graham ® 11:32 17 Dec 2004

Uninstall the previous version of Nero first.

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