Win ME - explorer causing errors!

  fudge 09:19 17 Dec 2005

When Win ME starts, as soon as it gets to the point where it loads the taskbar icons a message pops up saying ' Explorer has caused an error on (unknown). Explorer will now close.'

I can close this box but it keeps re-appearing at various stages. During this time the computer will still function OK, except I can't use either a dial-up or wi-fi connection. After a while though, other programmes become erratic and the system becomes unstable and locks up.

This all happened after I installed a couple of the PDF programmes on this months cover disc, and then uninstalled them. I guess the uninstall has removed some system files.

I've run an anti-virus, adware, spybot and hijackthis and all are clean. I've restored the registry to an earlier backup but this has made no difference. I can't use 'sytem restore' because it's been faulty and hasn't set any restore points.

Is there any way round this or will I need to re-install windows? The recovery disc supplied only allows me to do a full install - it doesn't seem to have the option to intall over the existing copy, so I'm looking at this as a really last resort.

  ICF 09:24 17 Dec 2005

Can you not do a system restore in ME?

  Wak 09:42 17 Dec 2005

Try repairing Internet Explorer
click here

  Klof Ron 11:44 17 Dec 2005
  Longhouse 14:36 17 Dec 2005

I had a similar problem - not quite the same - eventually resorted to loading windows ME over the top of the existing installation. Should retain all your other programmes, but just to be safe, you should back-up all data.

see the link below to my earlier posting, useful link to MS knowledge base.

click here

  fudge 16:34 17 Dec 2005

Thanks everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting back - haven't been near computer today and laptop is the one with the problem so haven't been able to connect.

I've tried all suggestions (but not system restore because like I said, it hasn't set any restore points, although it's been enabled!)

I have found, however, that if I leave the first explorer message on the screen (i.e. don't click close) most programmes work OK. But my laptop modem isn't recognised (and I've reloaded the drivers) and wi-fi doesn't work, although an infra-red modem does work. If I close the message box it just pops up again and the system becomes totally unstable.

I've now re-installed or repaired everything I can so I guess it's going to be a windows re-install.

With this version though, when you load it the only option is to do a full install. When I select that I am then warned that all data will be erased from the drive. So how do I install over the top of the existing copy? I can do it OK on my PC so would this be how the laptop manufacturer (Toshiba) has installed it on the recovevery disc?

  Longhouse 17:33 17 Dec 2005

The reovery disk is designed to restore the laptop to "factory condition" so will install Windows and any original drivers. You will need to back up your data files before re-installing. Any applications you have installed will be lost as well but can be re-installed from the original disks.

Is it possible to connect the laptop to the desktop via a wired network (crossover cable) or does it have a cd burner? If so, save to either option for later recovery....but make sure that you can access the data before you repair the laptop.

Sounds like you've exhausted repair optiopns so I can't see any other alternative than to re-install windows, apps and data (probably the most time effective option)...unless someone else has an alternative?

  fudge 17:41 17 Dec 2005

Thanks for the info. I always keep backup copies of my data files so they're no problem. It's just accessing application software which will be a hassle. And some of the programmes have had auto updates and various tweaks so it's just the hassle of redoing them all.

Wouldn't be so bad but went through the same thing on a PC recently when it too became corrupt.

Oh the joy of Windows!

  Dipso 21:13 17 Dec 2005

Using Explorer can you find a folder named C:\Windows\Options\Cabs or C:\Windows\Options\Install. If so, this should contain setup.exe which if you double-click should allow you to perform an over the top installation.

I have used this as a last resort on a PC that was supplied without recovery software and it was successful.

  fudge 10:01 18 Dec 2005

Thanks Dipso, but that didn't work.

I found the set-up file OK, in the 'Cabs' folder and the installation went OK.

However, once everything was fully installed the first time Windows started the 'explorer' error message came up again and the same old problems continued.

So it does look like a full install after all. Nice try though, thanks.

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