Win Command

  Zak 18:05 14 Mar 2004

When in DOS mode trying to get back into Windows 98se using the following does not work:

c:\Windows>win (i.e. typing in win at the prompt)

but system hangs, then Windows Protection error after a long time.

Please note this is after rebooting into DOS and not using MS DOS Prompt.

Alt+Ctrl+Delete reboots successfully into Windows.

Any ideas please? Could it be that I also have a Controller card with it's own BIOS, with another HD and Win 98 on it?

  exodus 19:48 14 Mar 2004

How have you entered DOS mode? For pure DOS, you will need to enter safe mode and select option 5 Command Prompt. From here you can enter the directories or get back to the C:\> and type in WIN which will get you back to Windows.
If using DOS from a Windows Startup floppy, I have never bothered to work it out (assuming it is possible), as it is quicker to press Ctrl/Alt/Del to reboot into Windows.
DOS was never my strongpoint.

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