Win 98SE with new Mainboard?

  Connaught 08:09 02 Jun 2004

I have a 2.4 Athlone CPU with bags of Hard drive free space, 560 RAM

For some reason there was a short in a memeory slot and my motherboard had to be changed. The supplier installed a MS- 6712 v 1.3 g52-m6712xc.

Is there any reason why I should have problems using Win 98SE? Although the usb ports are recognised during bootup they eventually losee connection as Windows loads Also the compr freezes quite a lot during boot up on the dos page. The supplier says I need Win XP. I am not covinced. XP for me wipes out software on which I rely that has not been upgraded forXP.

Should Win 98 work

Many thanks

  Rayuk 09:17 02 Jun 2004

Have you downloaded all updates and latest drivers,there shouldnt be any reason for it not to run 98.Are all usb ports enabled in bios?

  Connaught 23:40 02 Jun 2004

Thanks Rayuk.

Everything you say has been done.

Now it just will not boot up normally and keeps on ending in safe mode.

I notice that in msconfig / startup nothing is checked as enabled but that may be usual for safe mode?

In System properties under Performance is entered:
'Compatibility-mode paging reducesoverall system performance' and all the drives are marked 'is using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system.

Thia is all greek to me and I wonder if it is of use to anyone to help me out of this apparent mess.


  Nessie 23:42 02 Jun 2004

I think you would have to reinstall os as you have new mobo

  woodchip 23:50 02 Jun 2004

If it's the same info on the Hard Drive that's why as it should now have new EIDE drivers etc. you may get away with loading new motherboard drivers from the CD that should be with the new mobo

  Connaught 00:28 03 Jun 2004

Thanks, I did reload the motherboad driver with no luck and I will have a go at reinstalling Win 98,

I forgot to mention that the activity light stays constantly on and does not flicker as it used to. This happened when the old motherboard failed. This may indicate something??

  Rayuk 09:38 03 Jun 2004

re light for hd maybe the connecter to the motherboard is on the wrong way.

  Diemmess 09:53 03 Jun 2004

Two thoughts
Does your ram exceed 512Mb?

The CPU appears a shade fast, I think I have seen in this forum, that W98SE trips up when faced with a CPU >2Ghz.

That is perhaps rumour but from personal experience don't exceed the RAM limit, that really confuses W98SE.

Further than that, I do so sympathise, You are faced with the problem that mobos, compatible with elderly (though fine) operating systems are no longer made.

In the need to sell sell sell, it is upgrade all the time, and sorry we no longer support ........

  Simsy 10:18 03 Jun 2004

re-installing OS from scratch will be beneficial. (I was in a similar sitution a year ago). However you may still face problems for the reason that is suggested by Diemmess; Your system may just be too fast. (I believe that the "Win98 "Shutdown Supplement" patch that was issued a good while back works by basically introducing a delay into the process so that the shutdown can proceed with the OS tripping over it's own feet!)

There may also be an issue with the USB ports becasue, presumeably, they are USB2, something Win98 doesn't have inherent support for.

I've got mine running OK, but it's "only" an Athlon 1.1 Gig.

Good luck,



  Taran 10:20 03 Jun 2004

Take a memory module out to begin with. Many people have serious problems running Windows 98 with a lot of RAM installed. Try it with 256mb for a while and see how you get along.

Windows 9x doesn't use large amounts of memory properly due to the way in which it addresses it, so to an extent you're wasting your time and possibly introducing instability by using such a high amount of memory.

I loaded Windows 98SE onto the Toshiba laptop I'm typing this on some months ago as an experiment. With the standard 256mb of DDR memory installed all went well and it scooted along nicely. When I added another 256mb module I got all kinds of lock ups and errors, so I bottled it and went back to XP Pro. Having said that a desktop machine I have with 768mb of memory used to run Windows 98SE without a flicker. Go figure.

There are also various patches from Microsoft for the fast processor and hard drive issues where the system shuts down too fast for data to be written to the drive.

I suspect possible issues with the memory modules. Have you tried testing your RAM with a utility program ?

Memtest is a superb little tool that runs some pretty intensive checks on your system memory. You can get it from click here or there is a splinter group version which features some additonal functions click here

Call me a pessimist but my rule of thumb is that when a major component fails in a PC I renew everything. I've seen mainboards replaced after a short only to find later on that the processor, memory or one or more expansion cards also suffered some sort of backlash and instability or other performance issues resulted. I realise that this is not an economical policy but when you factor in the replacement components and the potential risk to them I prefer to be 100% on the safe side. That's just me though.

For now try the Memtest program and reply with the results. It may indicate where the problems lie.

You could quite simply be experiencing flaky driver support for Windows 98. I have my doubts about your supplier though. Rather than suggest that the hardware will only run properly with Windows XP I think they should have made some sort of concerted effort to get you up and running on Windows 98. Providing that the component parts offer Windows 98 support they should run it.

According to the blurb from MSI your mainboard was designed for Windows 2000 and XP and they also specify certain memory types and configurations that are known to work as well as others that are known to cause problems. They do offer driver downloads for Windows from 98SE onwards though. Perhaps your memory may be one of the items known to cause a problem ?

  Connaught 20:46 07 Jun 2004

I am very grateful indeed for the advice you have given. I have tried all the suggestions but rather feel there is an elusive underlying problem. That said, I decided in the end to bite the bullet save the c drive content to the secondary HD, reformat the c drive. I then reved and reinstalled all the cards and installed win 98 again. It seems to have resolved most of the problems. That took all night and beyond! There are no less than 11 usb ports in the set up and in order for the system to boot up I had to disable a couple in the device menu. Perhaps this may not have been necessary under XP but I don’t need them all anyway. I am a composer for the piano and a painter and I therefore need a lot of space for audio and graphics. The programs I use are hungry.

There remain one or two glitches but the system is working again. E.g the Bootup screen sticks for a long time at auto detecting the drives. I have to say I am very impressed with the speed and quality of your replies. thanks again to every one.

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