win 98se

  User-EEEE1D5E-719D-4EA6-9E34518ECB10F723 18:26 01 Aug 2007

windows 98se c:\windows\command\vide=cdd.sys error in config.sys file on line 11

any help pc will not start from
1 normal windows startup
2 games option

above error reads /any help many thanks

  woodchip 18:28 01 Aug 2007

If you can get into 98 in Safe Mode, you can rem the line out in Notpad. When Computer is starting keep tapping F5 for safe mode

  woodchip 18:30 01 Aug 2007

The line should look like this when you rem it out

Rem c:\windows\command\vide=cdd.sys

Then try restarting your comp

  Stuartli 20:21 01 Aug 2007

If woodchip's method doesn't work, I was often saved by 98SE's equivalent of XP's System Restore.

Start system, hold the Ctrl key held down until the window is gray/white (safe mode) and a menu appears including Normal (1), Safe (3), and Command Line Prompt (5).

Choose Command Line Prompt by hitting the Number 5 key.

At the C:\ prompt, type in: scanreg /restore (note the space) and press Enter.

You should now see a list of dates. Choose the most recent date BEFORE you had any problems and hit Restore.

By the way, have you ever installed the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack? If not, see:

click here

It was a labour of love by the author.

  Stuartli 20:27 01 Aug 2007

By default, the maximum number of restore points (Registry backup files) in 98SE is five. You can increase the number this way:

Edit (use Notepad) the "C:\windows\scanreg.ini" file and increase the number of registry backup files to a higher number.

The syntax should be on the lines of MaxBackupCopies=10

As I said earlier, it got me out of a few jams over the years and also on a business machine I used at the time...:-)

files missing
c\ windows himem.sys
high memory hma low memory 640k
this shows above /cannot enter safe mode
any help

  woodchip 21:22 01 Aug 2007

I could do it but not on hear, It's a DOS thing. you could try this. Download the Win98se boot disc from click here Tenth file from top, then put a floppy disc in comp and double click on the downloaded boot disc, to create the disc.

Start Computer with Floppy in Drive let it load to A:\> then Type COPY SYS C: then press enter

try starting comp

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