Win 98 "repair"

  Seadog 21:09 05 Oct 2006

A neighbour has an old computer running windows 98. A lot of his programs, mainly clipart discs with their own browser/viewer no longer work and re-installing them doesn't work either. I don't know the machine spec but it's an AMD 800Mhz processor. Anyone any ideas please - is there a repair tool or something for win 98 (like sfc) it's that long since I used 98 I can't remember, but I think the problem is related to Windows as the discs all install and run on my Xp machine.
Could it be the registry corrupted?
He is currently thinking of getting a new computer but at 80 years of age it's a big step!!

  skidzy 21:28 05 Oct 2006
  skidzy 21:46 05 Oct 2006

Just to add to the repair link,has the pc in question had a good cleanup lately ?
Ccleaner click here this works with 98 and may just clean out lots of obsolete registry paths
that may be causing a conflict with any further installaations.

Hope this helps.

  skidzy 21:47 05 Oct 2006

Typo: installation's

  Seadog 22:05 05 Oct 2006

Thanks Skidzy, I'll try your suggestions. Oh, yes the pc has been cleaned out, scandisc and defrag.................but I will try ccleaner.

  johnnyrocker 23:21 05 Oct 2006

scan disk and defrag cleans out nothing apart from making pc more operational.


  woodchip 23:31 05 Oct 2006

If he as the 98 CD I would suggest a clean install after saving all Files Mail and Photos.

98 is like that, as it allows external programs that are loaded to change system file, This can cause all kinds of problems. Or you could try putting the 98CD in the drive After Disabling AV and let setup run. This should relace most bad files. And it will not touch programs

  Seadog 23:37 05 Oct 2006

I realise that johnny, maybe I should have rephrased or expanded my answer to include that my neighbour is not on the internet, so there has been no contact with cookies or other computers and such.
He has only used his machine to edit and then print photos and "play about" with clipart and the like to make stuff like letterheads and fancy stationary.
Mind you I am not saying that it won't need a clean out registry-wise because he admits to "playing about" with the programs, that is why I need some sort of repair (read return to original) program for win 98!

  Seadog 23:41 05 Oct 2006

What do you mean by disabling AV, woodchip? I thought about a re-install, but don't want to erase his photos.
The main problem I have is that I can't remember much about win 98, must be getting old!

  woodchip 23:42 05 Oct 2006

You will not get it to do anything without a 98 CD

I know as my main Comp is 98se, although I have a XP Desktop and XP Laptop

  Seadog 00:24 06 Oct 2006

He has the 98 cd, but what do you mean by disabling av?

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